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Dtra's never had a passer rating above sixty one with pressure. So hopefully the game slows down for him. The real positive here is that you would think he isn't as pressured as much this season. Ut ucla's offensive line. They're gonna return all five guys including two tackles that we think compliance on days. It was an online last year that when it had quarterback behind it. That got the ball out on time. Quarterbacks did pretty well. Right i mean. Dt are still runs himself into some tax but basically when the ball came out on time. Ucla's offensive line allowed a pressure rate below twenty three percent. They also did well opening up lanes in the ground game. Top forty in line yards. Ucla to me out wide has some nice weapons as well. Kyle phillips might be the best slot receiver in the pac twelve. You have greg dosage. I mean he is a nightmare at tight end. I don't know who can cover them. Only kyle pits was a better downfield tight end last season than dosage. Only three other power five tight ends with. At least twenty five receptions had more yards per outrun than dosage. The other tight end mike. Martinez is an absolute animal. But i think. Ucla when i look at their roster when i do some reading and poke around for some information they're still looking for the reliable outside threat and let's see if they can find it. I'm not sure like chase. Coda and matt sykes or the solution. But we'll see cam. Brown does transfer information. 'em what i do like though is chip. Kelly telling us what he thinks of his team. I two years at ucla chipper in a slow offense relatively speaking. You can't run a million plays when you're out manned and don't have the horses last season that tempo increased and with basically everyone but felt back on offense. I think we see an even faster pace the season and to me a coach will tell you what he thinks of his team and i think that's a pretty big indictment of of what chip kelly thinks of his offense at least and i think he's got reason to be excited. Not only about his offense and what he brings back this year but a defensive team all that really improved last season. They jumped Their overall by one point two seven yards per play on defense tied with toledo for the biggest jump year over year. Ten eleven starters return but you do lose all pac twelve performer and osa. And i'm not even gonna try and pronounce this game. So i apologize the ucla football fan. You know what. I'm talking about when when you look at. Ucla defensively their biggest issue was trying to slow down teams. That could actually throw the forward pass where they ranked one hundred fourteenth when you begin to assess ucla's defense. Are you optimistic. There trending in the right direction and you could see mark improvement from that group along with an offense that we have i- expectations for this season like what. Ucla chose to do defense with last season i it was just so chip kelly in the sense that him being an analytics guy. He's new defense. Couldn't hold up down to down so he wanted to be really aggressive and chip knows he doesn't have the top defensive talent to win down to down so ucla was like. Hey we're just gonna be feast or famine. Defense played super aggressive fifty-one percent bullets rate seven ties in the country but the four to five allowed. Ucla to prevent big plays also so basically ucla wanted to create chaos. Around the line of scrimmage and and and get home while playing their secondary back and if they didn't get home they weren't going to give up the big play they're like hey you can feast on the short intermediate stuff be efficient down down. Try to take it on us. You know twelve thirteen fourteen place and so it's always good to see coaches. Choose to do things that make sense when you look at them metrically as a team as a good sign of a good coach and ensure enough chip had that right approach because ucla finishes ninety eighth in success. Rate allowed ninety ninth in line yards ninety eight than stuff right. One hundred nineteenth and rushing success rate. A lot he knew his team was going to get bullied either. Way why not create some pressure interns and people over now. The blitzes didn't get home as much as ucla would like. And that's why they're barely above average in havoc only forced eleven turnovers. But i think another year in the system. Ten guys returning. There's hope i think for a little bit more consistency with veteran group and a full off season when you're trying to project improvement it typically doesn't mean projecting a team to go from horrific to elite. Ucla was outside the top eighty defense efficiency. But i think todd a good result for this defense is a unit. That's fighting to be you know in that top fifty to sneak in there. I mean hey look. I mean we knew it was gonna take some time for chip kelly to build a program up and i have to imagine everything he went through a tumultuous stops along the way in the nfl he was going to try and find a program where patients was a virtue and ucla had been burned before it was some coaching hire. Jim moret never quite panned out. The carl durell years. They'd like to sweep under the rug but they appear to at least go. Hey look we in chip we trust and we're going to allow him to do things his way. This has to be a maker break season. They begin to show strides. And then you get some of that tailwind that can lead you into a lot more optimism going forward because we talked about at the top of the show. Usc hasn't done enough to separate themselves from the rest of the league. Arizona state may be going through a bumpy road in their own right and who knows chip was able to take a sleeping giant and build them into something. Special at oregon. Maybe i'll have that same ability with ucla. Having built up the overall depth chart slowly but surely and have the quarterback that can run his system..

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