Florida, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, White House discussed on Sean Hannity


Time's running out on Capitol Hill on the sobriety Fox News, the White House proposing a short term extension of extra unemployment benefits that expire later today. Democrats rejecting that piecemeal approach. Resident. Trump says Democrats were playing politics. Democrats do not care about the people of our country. They don't want to do what you should be doing for the people of our country, whether it's unemployment or anything else, and all they care about is the election and they're going to lose the election. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Republicans hurt working families by waiting until this week to propose a new relief package. The two sides is still appear to be far apart. More pro baseball games postponed by Corona virus Multiple cardinal employees in two fillies coaching staffers testing positive to game's canceled today, the league says doubleheaders later will make up the lost game's Just getting word of federal appeals court is overturning the death sentence of Boston Marathon bomber Joe Carter, Nev. But Much of his conviction is being upheld for helping to carry out the 2013 attack that killed three people and injured more than 200. His brother was later killed in a confrontation with police. Parts of Florida bracing for Hurricane Yes, I want Floridians to know the state of Florida is fully prepared for this and any future storm during this hurricane season, Governor Rhonda's Santis declaring a state of emergency and urging people to heed evacuation orders. There's concerned some maybe more attempted to stay put because of the virus. Forecasters expect Xie has to stay offshore for now coming very close to Florida's East Coast. For a possible landfall in North Carolina's Outer Banks of Florida teenager is accused of being the mastermind behind the Twitter hacking scheme that affected some high profile accounts earlier this month, using the victim's stolen identities to post messages asking for Bitcoin payments. Prosecutors say the 17 year old suspect is facing 30 felony charges. America is listening to Fox News from the Maas Nissan Traffic.

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