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Legitly speak speechless, I don't know what to say. That was a weird. So I guess our compliments to bonus backfired on us begin. This is one of the dumbest coaching decisions. I've seen in a while the let's address the elephant in the room. What was bonus thinking? I guess you would thinking Bishop healthy, but nope. He wasn't and you could see it just by looking at him just by watching him play watching Bishop play. He looks and continued to look nothing like the Ben Bishop that we know and the thing is that if you have a great goaltender who is playing really well. Yeah, he didn't play well and game for but why would you go back to somebody who in his last game? Yes, he won that game, but he won the game because our offense showed up. Why would you go back to him for this? Yeah. It doesn't make sense to me. We talked about this how even have been Bishop was ready would still play heard of in cuz we want to close out this series cuz the apps are such a threatening team. Like they have if a team is going to come back from a 3-1 deficit from all the all four series that are going on. Right. Now people would give the ABS as the best chance to do it for good reason to because they're probably the best team in the playoffs from overall during the season and stuff off. So, I think we obviously think that was a dumb decision. So I don't expect Bishop to be back in net for games 6, but we might be looking back at this game at the end of series and thinking about the Lost opportunities here because After those first four goals, we win the games if you take away the four terrible goals. And while we were we were definitely playing terrible the first. Too so it's not pin this all on Bishop. We looked awful. But at least I expected us to look way worse than the Avalanche in the first. Since they're on the brink of elimination, but there is not like that. Yeah, there's we look terrible on defense. There wasn't a good goal that they scored really they were all very savable and the last one was pretty atrocious so bad defense in Iraq. That wasn't healthy. That's just not good coaching coach didn't get them ready coach didn't put in a goalie. He was ready it that's awful. That's that's have been. That's the that's the coaching. We got a custom to during the regular season, unfortunately, and I hope I hope Jim Nill looks at a game like today and understands why bonus can't be our coach next season. I know a lot of people think that he's earned the right to be Be the coach during these playoffs, but.

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