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There was a there was a castle in Connecticut called the it's the Gillette cast. It's Gillette Castle State Park in William, Gillette lived there and he played. He played Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes Castle. The relevant, a relevant story to the idea of what your favorite Sherlock Holmes but way. Like he, he played Sherlock Holmes in a movie. On stage on stage. Okay. I thought I. Thought you created his own castle to cause play Sherlock Holmes in. The. Extremely bad, ass. Like he was like if you pull up to the gates, there's a Sinus Rpo only zone and you have to be in character. There'd be motherfucking moriarty up in here. You can only enter if you're. Or Watts and if your home. You can't do it. There's so many other character sherlock. Your Watson, he makes the universe guy come in and character. which guy though like at and T. U. Verse Guy Comes in? But he has he has to be in character. I'm here to install your dimensional walks device. It's like the fog in What do you call it the South Park? Episode. There in the old West town don't bring character. Would agree that was a great episodes I learned that was. Actually I was subconsciously stealing from that I think. That rib was it all these like Burger King or something? At the end I, think all they stole Burger King like. What's the code to the SAFE? I don't know nothing about no codes they just shoot them in the face. Such gaps. What else think that's it on sure on on an old homes we liked it a lot audience gave it in eighty three. So that's an eighty nine. Thirty six eighty, five, eighty, three, divided by four as an eighty, six average. Twenty. Twenty. Yeah. Credibly. Enjoyable movie. All right. What's the British things in people and places? Anything British. The British draft anything goes. Let's see we got to figure out the draft order here. We share my screen. Let's see. It's me exact order again. It's usually the same morte. We're GONNA go to. randomize. Random dot was open up his homepage and it was being. Trial Ken Jack Yeah I use Microsoft Edge. US Mike. I know us being Google is my is my default search, but I use edge because on my pc I installed edge when they released a new version of it and it just it was a parasite on my google chrome and it sucked everything out of it passwords, credit cards, Shit bookmarks, and then it just broke twitter. Somewhat using edge now it's a great business model it got me to use edge It's the same program as chrome and they just they ruined by chrome. So Kenji trill Jeff Audience. This is going to be the order for the draft. randomize. Audience can inject Jeff Trill. Audience Can Jack Jeff. trill curious the first. So the audience has.

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