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The master. And he made a very good cross. I just want to say something, you know, for fun, you know, it's another big trophy for Gary bail, by the way, guys. Don't forget that. Oh, they know exactly. Well, it was interesting. It was interesting before the game I was listening to some analysis and we were talking about the strength of Real Madrid's bench with Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale. I don't think. Somebody's not watched a lot of spikes. For a long time, I mean, it had been, it went and the tea room to bring people out before he brought any of those two on. What's the bike? I mean, it's not the history channel. You know what I mean? But I don't think we don't actually think Valverde was a big decision. We can talk about it as what may be one thing. But I think most of us thought given what happened in the past. Given how he's been playing, given the fact that Liverpool are particularly strong in both sides, but Diaz's form and robots and energy, Valverde was always going to play and brilliantly has played that against man city. And I think that just kept the cap for Angela, he said, he's playing the final. And you just think about the job they did during that right side. I mean, Diaz got the hook. And Roberson got firewood, but he didn't. I don't remember him weapon. Like 5 or 6 really dangerous balls in the box. And a couple of bowls at dead Gwen. They had people meandering around the panel with spot. There was not they think Thiago at one point and the second half was the father's forward to try and get across that near post. So I just, yeah, I mean, we could talk about F symbols. But of mine say it had taken 80% possession in the 40 chances. They'd have been in the phone. Of course, 109 Grealish later on. But they didn't, and they got the job done. They played the game the right way to suit them to win the game. Right. Because if we spoke to another person, they can go to tour. I mean, again, that's why Valverde plays because he knows that he can do a job defense. That essential Rodrigo will be able to do. So the way they went about it, whether you like watching it or not, or what do you think it's fancy football or just boring? You've got to go out and play the way you have to to win the game. And that's what they did. And you can't fault them for that. The importance and let's not forget about this. And the stress levels of both teams coming into this match. Real Madrid have been preparing for this final essentially for the last three weeks last month or so. Liverpool had been going at it, having a meeting to win in order to stay in the Premier League with Manchester City. Now, people may say, well, adrenaline takes over and you're going to make it through. Yeah. Maybe that works for Liverpool. But for Real Madrid, it was important for them to get the necessary rest in order to have a fresh Tony cruise on the field so that then he could be the player that I think we appreciate. So Casa Miro can get some rest. So that then moderate can get some rest. So that Benson I can get some rest. If you want to see a fresh Tony cruise, you got to give him some rest. And we hadn't seen that from him. What we saw today from Tony Cruz, we hadn't seen from him over the last couple of months or so. In fact, it was Tony Cruz that was the one taken off the field against Manchester City. Against Chelsea, when grandmother needed to make a combat. It wasn't on a crusade on the field because those flakes weren't there. So the fact that Real Madrid won La Liga and the manner in which they did allow Ancelotti to sort his team out, he knew full well what he was starting 11 was going to be that was never in question Valverde was always going to play. And once you have that certainty, how do we prepare our team so that physically they're able to respond and try to match some of the athleticism in the Liverpool has on the field? If I was on that pitch and it was a Real Madrid player and I saw some of those boardroom members and Florentino Perez of the were hovering around that field I'd tell them to get lost. This is the same people who killed them after the game in Paris. Her third and publicly and they'll see it was to try and G them up. But it was after the one. It was to try and save their own face because they thought they were going to get smashed in the second leg. The absolutely killed the players. And the media on the radio on the TV and the newspapers wait to floor with them. Instead of saying, keeping the most shots and saying, okay, actually, it's a two legged affiliate. Let's see what happens after it. A little bit down there taking the credit, but it's all done at the players. Players come back after that and Paris, the players come back after getting mold really by mindset in a playing parliament and came back with no time left and the players here, not the boardroom. The players and the manager of these results against the best teams in Europe and Manchester City and Liverpool are by their very nature of the money that they have to spend and by the two coaches that are coaching them. You know the two best coaches in the planet. Yeah, you can tell me about Angelo and what is one. I understand that. But if somebody's building a club tomorrow, they're going for one of those two. They've got everyone going for them. Everything all these clubs and yet these Real Madrid players have gone out and done it. So if I was a board member getting on the bus to go and celebrate with a throwing them off, see his problem. Mister Perez is co host, are all walking around going like that. How difficult is it as a coach to build this character that Real Madrid have shown? Is it something you can coach? It's from the game. It comes from the guy in charge. Right. And you're consistent. And you have to be straightforward and you have to sometimes of a smile and sometimes you have to kick somebody at the backside. So you're constantly on a little level of just keeping people on the tools as well. And the alleys point about having three weeks off, and your lot is absolute genius to have players pretty much hanging a book for three weeks before you play a big game to actually get them into position mentally and physically after hanging a boat for three weeks. To perform the really dead. Yes, he gave up. But Ali's point was Liverpool having so many games had lost that little half a step. Which is crucial when you've got so many weight gels and so many weight bodies and you've got players that are sharp, it's critical that in the right place. And deserve every absolute last energy credit. Forgetting his team haven't had three weeks off to Tom run and be physically in the shape they were for a final. And it's Craig mentioned. Obviously a team that had hazard and bail in the squad from that first day where he started them and they let him down, basically. He went, well, no, Vinny junior is my man. Rodriguez, my man, essentially, is my man. I don't care what your price tag is. Right. And so it's about merit. It's about what you do on the field. And we were calling that game. Maintenance on rosa against alois away from home. And it was Gareth Bale starring one side in hazard on the other side. And it didn't work. And so then it would have been easy for Angelo to just kind of we're just going to hang with these guys for a while. Let's.

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