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Go on. It's a whisper. It's a whispering in a special phone on Lee. I can hear it ringing, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about it later. Oh, my goodness, the with before each show Nana Egans. Andrew Bogus, or, um, Are you up to date on the chocolate wars on the gym room show? Not even a little bit, okay? Good because I can tell the audience. They so yesterday I'm driving. I'm driving around. I think, Tom, did you indicate this to me? Or that I actually catch it on my own? I definitely texted you, but I think we were both listening at the same time. So and it's someone that has the opportunity to fill in from time to time for Jim Rome. I know all the guys involved. A great dudes love the staff, but I wasn't laughing at the reality. The truth is of it, so Adam Hawk is the executive producer Jim Rome show very talented guy. Really good guy very, like easy to get along with Super chill, right? And Garrett Red is the is the newer producer on a lot longer. It's been there like A year or two. I don't know what it is older. Do they call them, Mike? He certainly you know you If you wanted to say that he looks like a grandfather. You could probably pull that off. If you were so so inclined. And apparently Garrett every every morning. Just drinks, you know, copious amounts of hot chocolate. And Adam Hawk for whatever reason, was so offended by this Andrew Bogus that he did a end around and reached out to Alvey, who's on the board Alveda Loro album tomorrow and had Alby just cut off all the orders all the supplies to the company credit card, apparently. And told Alvey no more chalk hot chocolate because Adam is offended that a grown man is drinking so much hot chocolate and it became this whole drama that I guess was so dramatic that Jim and it addresses so I call like I got, like, seven minutes. Just driving home, right? I was I was running errands yesterday and I was doing work and I got in the car for seven minutes. I don't know it's going from physical therapy. It was some of the funniest thing I've ever heard. But I had, like, you know, go to work. I did go to MBA separates you and four hours later. God, I gotta go back and listen. I think I texted Tom. Like how much of this go on. There's amazing times like the whole show. So I just pulled the final hour and it was all chocolate wars and I laughed. I was laughing so hard and Jim just taking these guys down that I was almost crying in my kitchen. Oh, my God, I almost four minutes. I got stuff to do. Like 40 minutes later. I'm like this is amazing. But interestingly and like discussing the chocolate wars and who's right and who's wrong. Jim had some rich Ackerman insight. Which led Andrew a question about you so again, not me. I'm not the one doing this right? Yesterday. It was it was Tom. And today it's you know, Jim rope. Apparently, we have sound from Rich Ackerman at this. I gotta hear And I have no idea what it is. Whose side are you on, Rich? Here's the chakra man. See me? Yes. Sports flag. I'm with the old man on this one..

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