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No johnson checkout to site five dollars off your order probably ineligible to Like that yeah. We are unfortunately I might have to resign next year in around that time i to go in. That'd be that'd be the golf tournament to go to sign andrews quite prestigious. My goodness may scotland at that time of year. Probably writing but not beautiful beautiful at somebody in the stream team. Tk while you're doing that ad ad read a burto eat. says ticket. looks like he could do go now. Like this for two reasons What i want you to address whether you can't go but i also love the do gulf gulf. Look i'll be completely honest the back in high school. I took some golf lessons. And the club pro told me you could be a golf model of golf. Pro said this to me not because like in like golf while but my sewing looks nice. I've got a nice follow-through. Oh got a nice looking. Follow through the ball. Go where it's supposed to but it looks like it should. so can i do golf. Theoretically yes in practice not quite do you. Do you gotta go do gulf today sir. I've ever been done golf here. Not too long in a couple of weeks. So i'll report back with my golf doing skills. Who hit the links with a larry. Luke yup a dent aggression No close close. We gotta larry. We gotta woody woody and we got a great. Oh oh yeah ice a road trip to go do some golf and listen some dead incredibly. Let's get to some deals. We have this weekend task. Lump these together. You can go wherever you want with these as we address them but celtics involved in both of them. Okay the the first one. I guess you can call it. That was a little minor trade. Celtics getting josh. Richardson in exchange for moses brown. He's going back to his mas- everybody knows that. No dunks the biggest moses. Okay see fans knew that okay. So that's one and then we had a three way deal. Oh yeah celtics. Get chris done bruno fernando and a future second round. Pick the hawks get dhillon right. Cook and the kings get tristan thompson so have out tasks what. What did you think of these. These moves islands. You want to start with the celtics. Getting i guess the best player of the bunch here and being involved in balsam. Yeah definitely the best player in josh richardson. Near remember the hype when he was with the miami heat a couple years back people extremely high on dross. Richardson than he was. Vaughn the sign trade to go to philly. Then he went to dallas. He just hasn't found his way with either of those two teams so boston. Sure seems like evan. Foreign will be on the outs with boston and josh. Richardson will fill in in a guard. Spot there so best of luck to him although from the mavs perspective. It's about money. You just try to to free as much as possible for kyle lowry bunch of other guys. That are going to try and go get now. I get that. I get that but Yeah i'm just excited about moses brown. I definitely With the dallas mavericks. I always wanna to see a seven to plus man in the league. You know you wanna see many large guys as possible. He had some big big numbers had be for with the. Okay see this year then. He got traded to boston. As part of that kemba walker deal. Dallas is always looking for biggs to. I don't think that they're just just just doing the strictly for the money. I think they are excited. About the possibility of moses brown. I mean since they let tyson chandler going. They won their championship. They keep swinging For big is a lot of dwight's dwight howard dwight powell. They got from from boston. Mark cuban said we gotta stretch five here along with rajon rondo. Dwight pal stretch. Five is still there trying to find his way by thick. Bows brown's skinny. Get a chance. And he should and he's fun to watch and hopefully you can move those feet enough to stick around the league because the question always is what's giant men in this day in age. Kenny garden space. He's only twenty one but he is. He's big he's real big and i just love watching them roam like you. They try it. You always try and pick on the large guys. They already have a bogue on In dallas so It's an interesting. But i i hope they trying they give him a shot and i hope he can succeed there. 'cause it's always fun to watch luca to moses Luke always parts the seasonal. Throw it up to moses moses. Just throw that baby down so looking forward to watching that. Some people may have been confused. How this trade even happened. That josh richardson for for for moses brown lake. How do the numbers were. But it's because boston had roughly eleven million dollars left on the trade exception generated when it delta gordon hayward to charlotte last season but richardson's eleven point. Six million salary for next season obviously wouldn't have fit into that exception however as the league year has not yet flipped. Boston traded for him at his ten point. Eight million salary from twenty twenty one and therefore slips in there. so that's how that one worked. You're right tasked with the master just trying to create as much cap spaces possible and richardson also played extremely poorly disappointing high on him. I like that move from dallas coming in there and he was he was horrible he very mad and he was already bad for philadelphia as yeah. I actually think. The hawks got the best player in this trade. I got the long. Right is the best guy. I like what. They did kind of streamlining their their bench because bruno. Fernando didn't play a ton for them Chris done barely even played at all this season. It looks like they're going to probably have to replace lou williams And that's nice to get dhillon right. Who could do little offensively. And defensively pretty weird. Though that moses brown is going to be the third tallest guy on his team was the last time that he had two guys taller than him on a basketball team because kristaps is listed at seven three ball bonds at seven four. So i guess most proud is going to have to play the three for dallas and thought of what do you make of. These deals here These two minor deals. That were sort of Together yeah i think Chris don was brought in for that defensive presence for that whole expand on. I think he actually ended up buying at all for atlanta lock season. He made some place. That's better dylan. Reid is one of those plays like he always seems to be good but he keeps getting moved around. I thought he was good in toronto. I thought is good in memphis and It was in sacramento. Las vegas so i think this for the hawks. Great the lawn right. He certainly slots in And you know. He's not going to be as good as score as lou williams but i think overall he can probably be there little bit longer a little bit more stable and i think this is a nice little pickup for the hope so yet i made custom nothing really to get him in Lonrho has proven to be a pretty reliable backup through Is time nba good for some people confused with the kids requiring tristan thompson here tasks. Are you one of them. Like why tristan thompson really. What's it what's what's their thinking here. Probably get rid of them afterwards. I guess i. I don't see him an Future a future king unless they try and influence the youngsters with tristan thompson veteran ship. I guess one or the other thompson gonna be king for long. Maybe a whole season Is that a long time..

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