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All right after playing without any agent or representation since the de'andre jordan fired dan fagan back in two thousand fifteen something has changed he has now brought on board mega agent jeff schwartz of excel sports management swart's has a lot of different clients around the nba about forty he also represents blake griffin two hundred teammate cj mccollum lamarcus aldridge kevin love hassan whiteside and others that have been trade rumors about john drake jordan in the wake of the blake griffin injury and the clippers failings what does all this means jalen rose for the future of deandre jordan the future of the andrei jordan can celts the way we look at the mena right now new when you talk about top fifteen twenty players in the game he won't be listed but he does something valuable i always talk about scale bigs dribble past shoot threes play on the polls and will be run jump dark and block shot kits lobbed he's probably the best at that seoul formed puertas going to rebound well there's going to block shots in his ruling athletic just put him on a couple of tease mit that i throw out there for you all right i'm gonna put a mirror he's wrong texas so put an wanna rockets look a cappella replacement is getting a little old okay how 'bout go gao spires all that be interesting and some tells me that pop no to do with him then we flip it to the east mob brother to the to the east how about the cleveland cavaliers who i like that replacing tristan thompson eating of some of those minutes getting completely eaten up by the warriors when they take it to get them on pick and rolls roll switches.

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