Congressman Sheila Jackson-Lee, Chairman, California discussed on Michael Brown


So what does congressman Sheila jackson-lee office say she was handing the attorneys. They say that it was just some unopened stationary from women who wanted to be in the hearing. But could not be in the hearing. That sounds flimsy to me. I mean. Yeah. I mean, the she's leaving. At that point. She's done her testimony. She's she's out the door. She's van moose. She's on her way back to California. I mean, we're we're there are a bunch of women outside just waiting handing her stuff like give this to the lawyer or something. I don't know. I don't know. Kevin opening statement, or at least part of it is worth hearing. Because. In a courtroom. One of the ways that you judge the credibility of a witness. Is how they react. To this day. It's still one of my favorite things to do. Whether I'm debating. Lufti nutjob or having an argument with somebody is to make a statement. That I know is going to somehow get them riled up. And then shut my mouth. And watch the reaction. Mr chairman. Ranking member Feinstein members of the committee. Thank you for allowing me to make my statement..

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