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Number one until nineteen twenty four discovered an old cracked copperplate in the alley four cemetery rally force gives me that cemetery. The inscription the plate read reads, Madame Lowery born Madame born Marie Delphine McCarty died in Paris, December seven th eighteen forty two at the age of sixty something that final number was apparently missing a road it. But you know, if she died in eighteen forty two then she would have been well, she would have been quite sixty. She would have been like a fifty seven. All the numbers a little little fish. But it, but these are all all the things that are said, where's she buried? We don't know gene block the block daughters and Madame lottery all rest unknown burial sites. But there's lots of speculation. There's speculation that she's in one of those, you know, New Orleans cemetery. There's a couple of throwing around is possibly one of the number the number two crypt in the forestall plots one of the forestall plots in Saint Louis cemetery. What about the house where the slaves were probably tortured will after a lotteries death. It was it was purchased and at some point prior to eighteen eighty eight it was restored over the following decades. It was used as a public high school conservatory of music and apartment building a refuge for young delinquent bar has written a furniture store a luxury apartment building. And then as I said earlier, nNcholas cage bought it in two thousand seven, and then the current owner is, you know, someone with the regions financial corporation is last record that I found. Okay. Sorry that there's one who was a little bit all over the place. We actually spent more time on this one than than a lot of recent ones man when you look into this tale, it is super super hard to decipher folklore from actual facts. You know, the court records themselves are hard to read because people spoke in fucking weird formal crazy ask krill version of English. Here's my final thoughts. You know, they're made knob anybody's in the attic, you know. But they did supposedly up skeletons from the yard. There is evidence of a lot of mistreatment for sure including the controversial death of twelve year old Leah was the abuse worse than what other slave owners were probably committed to the time. I think it was I think it was probably quite a bit worse even even here internally. And to suck dungeon, there's some disagreement on this. But I think I think a lot of the legend actually is true. I think it's going to be impossible to determine if you abuse came at the hands of either Dr Lori or Madame del fi lottery, but based on the lease tail and the fine. She was given a does seem. Madam dolphin might have become quite cruel in her later years. I mean, there's also you know, this. I mean, you know, the the possibility that a lot of that was under the influence of Dr lottery because again, none of this stuff happened at least, documented wise until he came into the picture. I don't know. Maybe it was his influence. Maybe she was covering for him. Most the time there's I witness accounts of her, you know, not carrying slaves were trapped in a burning structure, you know, many witnessed or slaves in a poor physical states in again how much of that was her and how much of it was her husband. I I do think that he was probably a much bigger monster than she was, you know, could some of this been false testimony. Yes. We'll never know. But we do know that they both were run at a town because of tales of mistreatment, you know, tales started being printed the day after the fire not necessarily years later. People got so mad about her treatment slaves, an angry mob attacked your property. You know, two decades before the civil war. I don't think that happens unless you've gone fuck and way outside the bounds of what was acceptable to time and a certain level. Of abuses slaves was acceptable that time. So to receive the press she did to flee town like she did to flee the whole country as her and her estranged husband who ended up in Cuba. Did that leads me to believe that, you know, the two of them or at least one of them were terrible. Terrible. Terrible people. Do I think you raise a devil baby and broke people's bones to reshape them into crappy? Fuck no. But I do think she may have done shit that was equally horrific. I mean, as we learned doctors really did do horrific medical experiments on slaves. You know, the rumors of abuse didn't begin until after she married a doctor. That's a weird.

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