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Is on did you call her a narcissistic looney toon i am not going to comment on what i did or did not say back in the late 90s came back to the room found me with my bloody four one way up and immediately and came home i was getting ready and he went to the door and their eyes derived jeff on the bed just devastated and he goes to the door casually puts his sunglasses and says you better get some ice on that and she should do you understand everything that you do in cultural to it must first time i became afraid that woman people have been harassing my husband's for gosh i don't know i've known of abolition you it said it was a political relationship that they had it wasn't a normal average marriage cheating disdain at for the women that new what her husband dna she knew what her husband did to those women she there's no way she did not know that year they come again we're going to have to just ride through this as we have so many of these other false accusations there's a lot of people that cannot stand in arkansas and i've had a lot of last march easter for your life and i have been we will destroy you is what they said uh uh who said my colleague it on behalf of billy one he was campaigning for him in 1992 i have to believe that it is in large measure motivated by people uh just just uh flag vowed disagree with the kind of politics and policies that my husband believes her best for america at is point i used to think that was threatening physical really really yeah i was i was very scared i was horribly horribly threatened and and people don't know that story i don't think there's any that there are professional forces on the right um at work for their own purposes and uh uh theory genome any curious relationships among a lot of people and various institutes and entities uh and i think that that deserves thorough investigation why did you originally it's a night considering this was a legal matter did you see what happened to general flowers did you see what was happening apologize my alex perry yes no not afraid i just i just knew what would happen.

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