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Curious with indycar now backing or whatever they backed out but indycar not coming back to phoenix next year there go and then you see the track at iowa crasher with it just wasn't that impressive for the stands yeah to me of course i'm not making decisions either four tracks or for the sanctioning body of indycar but yeah i am disappointed that indycar is not coming back to phoenix i assume raceway when i believe the phoenix market is one that has a much higher potential to grow versus the iowa speedway market that yes there's knoxville close by and there's there's some openwheel fans that live all around there but when the audience is dwindling why does iowa speedway get awarded a date yet phoenix doesn't something doesn't add up here and it it makes me frustrated you know i think the bigger issue might be the fact that indycars looking for a little more money trying to raise the fees and maybe i s or phoenix didn't want to step up where i did is not far from des moines there's a lot of race fans in that area like you said and i don't know this i'm just speculating that the only reason why they wouldn't come back to phoenix is that somebody didn't want to pay him enough money to do it valid point there and we'll get to the bottom of it because i'm dying to get to the bottom of it but that is probably one of the biggest assumptions right now freak nation coming up next we've never had this guy in freak nationwide crasher kid rock yeah we've never had kid rock into print nations stevenson no first time who cares dude one of stuff a big ass race last weekend on continental tires and oh by the way we have a couple of.

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