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Site and the people behind it are making the moves to begin the effort. Get a recall on the ballot of city Councilman Mike Bonnin her right after four o'clock, we'll be talking again to Krishna, one of the organizer's She came on when they had that Commotion in Pacific Palisades. When that fire was burning a couple of weeks back, residents of Pacific Palisades came out to boo Mike Bond, and when he was holding a news conference, and I think she spoke at the council meeting Where they voted on this proposal to open the homeless camps in all the parks and beaches go. I didn't know that. Yeah. We have that audio. Um Well, No, we don't. Not at the moment. But maybe we could get it. She got good again and again that Pacific Palisades fire was caused by a vagrant. So, besides Bannon's plan to put the homeless and beach parking lots, including Pacific Palisades Palisades at Will Rogers State Park. So many reasons why she's involved in a lot of her neighbors were involved in a lot of West Siders are really worked up. And she constantly refers to bond as a bozo in the long E mail. We got about the intentions to actually recall on the Facebook site, which is protecting parks and beaches. Some of the some of the members of the group were Using photo shot to morph von in's face into Bozo. So there are a lot of clever contributions. Yes, you go to that page. Full name is protect our beaches, schools, neighborhoods and parks. Pop snap, Bob step pops. Now. All right, we turn our attention to yoga pants. Reports are that is early as next week. Abide administration will announce that they are picking Eric Garcetti to be the new ambassador to India. Very exciting, isn't it? I was thinking that maybe, uh Everybody listening Right now. We need some ideas to send him going away presents. Mm. Don't know what the appropriate Like what would symbolize Los Angeles so that he wouldn't forget. Forget us. Yeah, trash hate to say it, but that's kind of what happened. Besides, maybe a homeless trash. There's a problem with trash in general NBC Foresight Team has been covering this people just dumping trash everywhere. Maybe, and I don't want to pay the high garbage collection fees. I don't know what it is, but Maybe an unused syringe. As a memento that could get a little less nasty in the mail. Unused. I said, Uh, yeah, but it's a syringe. Syringe can stab somebody. It's all right. It's just the vile part. Not the needle. S so in a story in the L. A daily news. What happens if Garcetti leaves? Political experts offer their takes on the growing Ambassador Buzz Garcetti. If Carcetti wound up in an India roll, What would that mean for Angelenos? I don't know. What would it may Why? Wait, the worst mayor in Los Angeles history leaves Oh, the place will fall apart. Well, I mean, what's gonna happen? We'd end up with 70,000 homeless, We'd end up with the thousands of tons of garbage lying around all I mean, the place will collapse white of our beaches and boardwalks and parks will be overrun with with vagrants. Crime will be going up 200%. So the actual primary Election for L. A mayor is June of 2022. So if Carcetti takes the role and leaves, they have to put somebody in the mayor's position for about that year's time. The thing is, it cannot be somebody that is running for mayor in 2022. Which means Councilman Joe Buscaino is out. But listen to this list of people considering running Kevin D. Leone and Mark Ridley Thomas. So good Lord, I know these are all bonding types. They're all over his council President Nury Martinez said. She's seriously she's another one. No, they're all into the mode of destroy L. A Let let l A B s open sore. They should form their own party, the open sore party. I mean, daily own Ridley Thomas. These are the people who've been bouncing around in office for decades. They've served every level. They've been assembly people in states Senator just keep moving. Keep moving around and They're part of the disaster, and now they want to run the place. Because they don't care about actually our lives. They just want to continue making a lot of money, especially under the table money. Well, there is a bus John and I could hear it. It's very low. That's my Bill Gates Chip That the person they might appoint That is not running for mayor in June of 2022 for Los Angeles. But to fill that seat for a year is Tony Volare. Do you want to push that buzz? Sure. Now we want Tony Velarde enters a Democrat in the governor's recall. That's what we want is that it's not a gag, or is that real? Mom? Let's go. There were two names. They're floating. One of them is Tony Avelar. The other is Austin. Butin er, where the women guys Wow, It's a whole clown car, isn't it? We clean your toilet Austin Buechner. The guy who shut down the schools for a year and a half. Yes. Resigned as L. A unified school district Superintendent. There are rumors that he might run for mayor anyway. Which means she wouldn't be getting the that's like most these guys, you're gonna be going nowhere. Austin Beauty is not gonna get 2%. Not that they're shutting down the schools for a year and a half. Well, why the hell would you want that right, And I talked to one of these political consultant says I can't even think of a Los Angeles mayor who successfully climbed into a national position anyway. None of them did. No, no, no. They all ran. Most of them ran for something and most of them. Tom Bradley ran for governor. Sure. And evil are ran for Governor. Yeah, and reared ran for governor to run and it was good..

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