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To be loaded right but they went and got last evenson negga javale mcgee they got rondo gave that i miss anybody else while i was gone did they went and got and we can't understand why the hell anybody would do that that's my general feeling on the swaggie piece still under contract with the wizards it is actually very interesting the lakers seem to be putting together one of these weirdo teams full of space cadets while have you noticed that the wizards are reassembling a team for the space cadets keeping him on the wizards head one of the legendary groups space cadets right what gilbert arenas nick young andrei blatch vail mcgee shawn stevenson stevenson far's crittenden your member him yeah remember remember that yeah there's there was that guy y'all what do they do dwight howard in word on the street they go try to get white howard they got to it howard okay what are they doing what is your played with all those guys who is gonna be john wall and bradley beal always had their own issues they just got austin rivers right and i don't think austin is a space cadet as much as people just don't like him kelly oubre he played for them don't they have a morris brother they still have morris brother right markeith moore's yes all right look you say maybe not even be better than i do but you give me the individual name of moore's brother they the same to me i've been trying for at least ten years to try to tell them apart you'd be like no no no no that one's marquee okay like the difference between markets marquee to me is the difference between country and western i don't really know where the division is i don't know i don't know where to split is but that's the lakers to have going there and they got their young players now game you are leg van and we talked about this to get hawaii that you were kind of like me where you gotta you gotta you gotta give something up whether you want to a notch you gotta give something up i think we all agree that you don't wanna give all of those guys up but would you think about lonzo putting out there that he had a knee surgery would seem to be an attempt to make sure he was out of those packages i thought that was slick man real slick get that info out there before the lakers won it make you less attractive of trade package although to be fair did the lakers played did not tell anybody about this if they were going to.

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