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Cruising into a more what tough kausar fide fossilized class society in the united states you buy it eight hundred four two three eight 255 reunion winchester massachusetts virginia thank you for calling you're on the air hi com hi i'm a long time listener coming longer local carriers i frankly this conversation gut i'm actually while i was listening i heard him say that college debt it's it's not a big deal for the upper middle class yup thought who is insane person kitty sang these things um i live in a unity that is one of the most affluent in massachusetts um i'm a liberal and i choose to live in this community because for where the jobs are this a community that i feel my kids your safe i feel like there's a certain kind of lifestyle i can live but i could also get this lifestyle in a community let's say in south carolina were in texas um or someplace else where there what you're not and it would cost a lot less the a lot of what you're talking about has to do with the cost of living up number one number two this notion that um i don't rick recognize how blessed i am that i can live in a community where my kids aren't uh having horrible things happen to them or gunfire going off or something like that in uh and i don't appreciate it is crazy and third you know this is a community for instance everybody in its don't believe come and lots and lots and lots of people work and so as you pointed out two nurses can work and they get into your uh and she your strata y'all but i used to work uh for low trying to develop low house low workforce housing in winchester and we were looking at people like nurses as people who needed to have help getting into the housing market here and so i just feel like you're just approaching this thing in a really.

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