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Yeah york in the in the sixties and and even into the this kinda heard of our time for him on it but certainly the sixty the giants dominated new york even with the jets becoming fairly successful in the nfl and playing what we in the afl fan before you want before it started working there you know a bit more free wheeling type of football it was much more exuberant than the somewhat staid nfl as it were and it was a bit hard for the jets to break in almost still exists today the giants are really deeply deeply into the into new york society and always have been same way the yankees are with respect to the mets and i'm not not talking about you know who's got john carlos stanton and who's got jacob degrom who's winning who's losing there's a there's the yankees are really part of a heartbeat of new york and so are the giants and they certainly were then and i'll tell you the the a great great day in jets history in terms of this topic of winning a place in new yorkers hearts and minds was the summer of sixty nine at yale bowl when for the first time the jets the giants and we won rather handily that the yale bowl and that was a big big psychological i'm i think you might go so far as to say some people on on my side of the of the of the divide would say we told you so you know we're pretty we're pretty darn good so there and that that was that was that was a big moment for the jets the giants were were not as good than as they had been and would become again and i think that they know really really did help but it it's it's it's tough it's tough to jets voice been kind of renegade.

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