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He's coming. He was stranded in Athens, Greece. So is he coming back was he's coming back with something from the Greek apple bed, right? He's in Athens, Texas. Yeah, He's always have this Texas, right? It was a strange cruise. It is a strange crew. They was they did all the Big Lakes. They did like Travis did. Buchanan. LBJ is a beautiful cruise. I bet he's I don't remember the name of the ship, but it was beautiful. I've heard he's going to do a slide show when he comes back for all the employees up in his the cactus prior room. You mean like a power point slide show that kind of thing. Oh, yeah, I'm talking the old uh, yeah. The old three M slides back in the old days, right? He's got one of the old. He still does it That carousel? Yeah. Slide machines and everything. Yep. Gotta Dustin. Great Fun got to hold the flip side just on a flashlight to would probably give tickets away to that for listeners. So the Pecan Street Festival, scheduled for September, the 18th and 19th it's been cancelled. The city denied them their permits. Their special events permits and basically the city is afraid for And a few 1000 people to get together outdoors, I guess And on a hot, sunny day is usually those weekends are just hotter than blazes. Right? Yeah. I mean, I know the city of Boston doesn't have any say in the Longhorn game, and I would never want them to cancel a longhorn gained during this pandemic, but they cancel the bat. Has the city been consistent on this? Because these people see, uh, an F one, You know, a soccer and FC soccer match. We've had several. What? 89 10 now during all summer long, But then we can get together, Drink some cheap wine and spend a bunch of money on some local art, right. We can't do that. But if your elbows to you know what packed in a stadium With no Mass and every that's okay. But if you're just wandering around on the streets there in downtown Austin since a goofy message, man, that's why you have so much vaccine hesitancy. That's what people are just like. You know what? I'm living life weighing the risk and live in life. I'm going to miss my opportunity to hear the eggman now. The eggman are great. You've got history mainstay at Pecan Street. Got history with the eggman. I understand. Susan, can you hang on a second? Real quick? Hang on a second. Yeah, I've got to introduce the eggman. At the grand opening was a private party at Lake Line Mall. This would have been like 93. Maybe the grand opening over may be wrong on my date early nineties, uh, that it was a big party, a big private party. Before the next day, the mall was opening up for business. It was a big deal in the city, the brand new like line mall, right? Chess King Orange, Julius. They had it all. But I got to introduce the egg. May they had a buffet. They had a cruise ship buffet that it was the length of the entire mall. From Macy's Sears. That's awesome. It was an entire buffet with ice sculptures like a cruise ship buffet. Uh, it was amazing. It got to introduce the eggman, the Beatles cover band. And you remember the food courts had boots at the time. And so the stage was setting on the booths. Okay, Remember the, uh, the hot air balloons that they had in the ceiling and everyone's while you hear that the fake gas You know the fake fuel to keep the hot air balloons in the air? I thought you put a put a fired a device that creates fire in the ceiling of the mall. That's pretty interesting. Maybe the insurance company caught wind of that and took them down. But I got to introduce the eggman. There was about 1000 people there watching in the food court, and you know, down the hallways and then I had to run outside to introduce the up and coming country and western musician, Mr Tim McGraw. Oh, yeah. Mr Tim McGraw. Him was about 100 people out there and that's fantastic. And for those who don't know that was back when there was no traffic on 6 20. You had the red you had. That was the name of the red roof barn That was out there at 6 21 83. Well, that was the the nursery. Yeah, the nursery Red roof barn. I think. Good Barn Red Barn Red Bar nursery. Then they moved on down 1 83 years later, But you're right. They were there on the corner Had that whole corner 1 83 People's Pharmacy is there now And I think there's a UFC you right there. That was that was getting out of town. I was gonna say that was almost in cedar Cedar Park country on this right? Cedar choppers. Uh, Susan is in central Austin this morning, Susan. Good morning. Hey, Good morning, Todd. I just have to tell you that was 1996 when that happens, 96, thanks. Yeah. My spouse had a restaurant in the food court. But moving on. We're really lucky to be in the state of Texas. We do have philosophical exemption. You can fill out the affidavit. It is great for two years. So my guess is if they want to start squeezing harder about the vaccine. We do have an option that is legal that people Pushed very hard for this option many many years ago. That's right. That's right. Good point, Susan Absolutely. What was the name of the restaurant and the food court there at like, climb all by chance. Chick fil A. That's right. That's right. Okay, I know you are now. Thank you, Susan. Thank you Appreciate you have a good day. There you go. Look at you know in the callers. So, uh, let's see Sarah in west Austin. Good morning, Sarah. Morning, guys. I just want to touch base in. It's been a couple of weeks since I call that I am an eensy parents and wanted to just voice my concern about what's still going on here in our community. We have another monthly Board meeting with our Communist board and Dr Leonard and you know what? After dozens of requests from parents to move this meeting to a bigger facility like Like you know, the pact center, which is our big theater at the West like high school. They absolutely refused to do so, because they're obviously afraid of optics. Um, they schedule only one minute per parent only allowed one minute to talk. And they make a sign up. Show up early to get a seat. If not, they give our seat away. Um, And then they hold off parent comments until the end of the meeting. What is the what? And catch yourself today? What is the meeting about tonight? Is it more of a mask mandates and separating of the kids? That kind of thing? Well, that that is supposed to be addressed tonight as well as the A G has sent numerous letters to our to our board and Dr Leonard telling them to stand down and telling them that they are not allowed to enforce these mask mandate and they still you know, just, you know. Decide to take the the lower court the Travis County Court ruling and follow that and instead of Detective Supreme Court, which came out in beer county, you know a couple weeks ago and said that you're not allowed To to enforce mask you have to follow the governor's mandate. You think there's going to be a large turnout this evening? No, I don't. I think it's going to be, um well, I think it will be a full room, which always a full room, but because there are only 40 ft, the original board meeting that happened in June, it was overflowing Parents were the whole and so instead of moving this to another facility They they? They simply say, Well, what? We'll do a separate room and you can watch it from zoom and I have email. Dr Leonard is that I have a right as a parent that pays taxes and has four Children in this community to sit in that room. And look you in the eye. Sarah at the right. I'm up against the clock here about a minute away from the break, which is about how much time you'll get this evening..

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