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The summer of two thousand eighteen. We witnessed a bunch more aggressive side. John are gone. But Johnny's obsession with exacting revenge out to Moscow Champa backfired during that episode on Annex. Tv Interferes Tomasz champion for black match by accidentally hitting black with the NFC championship causing champion to take advantage and become the new champion. A triple threat match was scheduled for all three minute takeover Brooklyn but following a parking lot. At Tech that left black unconscious he was deemed. Unable to compete the attacker was never identified which led to many weeks worth of speculation. It was also around this time. Also black I believe had a groin injury and was out for several months during this time but this was a really interesting. Turn Dr Trae as Johnny Gargano starts to get a little bit more aggressive and ends up accidentally helping to Moscow champa become the new NFC champion it. Kinda played into the commentary. Line that you talked about earlier about like you know as Johnny you know becoming what he despises and you know that that that instance I just thought was beautifully done as well because it was like you know. He's trying to extract his revenge instead he ends up helping the guy that he despises the most And it led into the Almost like the JR from Dow's like who shot Jr like who's got alsir black and in a way. It kinda helped elevate talents. Well I remember Nikki Dick Cross was was real. She really did a great job to this. Whole thing with Nicki knows and stuff like it helped. Elevate the rest of the roster during the search because you start to see personality traits and Care Death. Come out from everybody. That regal is questioning so the once again. This is a really good aspect of this. Viewed played out on TV Let's go to Brooklyn floor. The August eighteenth from August eighteenth two thousand eighteen Johnny Gargano versus Tomasa champion. A last man standing match for the title the two fought all over the arena until eventually making their way to the stage where Ghana appear to be in control until he made one fatal mistake Johnny handcuffed Champa but in an effort to perform the running knee. Gorgonio fell from the stage and landed onto equipment as referee to nine. Champa manage to roll off the stage while the handcuffs kept him elevated on. Its feet chopper one and remained the NFC champ. Maybe my favorite match from this entire feud between these guys because I remember watching it home going. Garganas could become the champion. This is awesome. I can't wait to see it and the ending was something that I've never seen before professional wrestling. Comic completely off guard was an extremely creative. Which you know is a big part of this. Entire feud being so successful the amount of creativity about both these guys. Dr Trae I love this match. It was a great ending segment and told a much bigger story of Johnny Gargano beans so close but Going against the grain of what he commonly does and Kinda fallen in line of that aggressive side that to Moscow was trying to get out of them. Yeah I to me like the matches I liked to better than three match wise. I liked the ending of this one better than and what's he had never seen that ending before especially with handcuffs. Never seen that done just beautifully played out and the great thing about this is what's again Gargano. Getting close but not getting it leads into happen later on when he finally won the title but just that whole storyline way was played out beautiful match in like you know two and three. I have gone back watched several times since the happen and I don't do that. A lot of wrestling matches but these two just two and three were two to my favorite matches of all time. Let's go doctor over twenty four. Th Two thousand eighteen is Johnny Gargano reveals himself as the mystery attacked her of Also black several months passed by and during the October twenty fourth. Two Thousand Eighteen episode of G Gano attacked Allaster black and it was officially reveal that it was indeed johnny wrestling who laid out black months earlier in the parking lot. It was also during this time they gonNA turn to the dark side. Thanks TO HIS BATTLES WITH O. Champa DR trae yeah. It wasn't really a huge fan of the turns of the dark side here. And I remember telling you it kind of feels like they're testing the waters for something like maybe they might do this down the road full speed ahead but it just didn't feel natural right away like I I kind of felt forced But it was it was to be like I'm in my head. Every time I think about this I always picture visit man yelling. It was me Austin just kind of felt like Yoga Yogarajan had that look as face without actually verbalizing it but just to me it IT I. This is maybe the one aspect of the feud. I didn't like because at the time we had seen Gargano be more aggressive but once again Janis is not the best in the world and they were trying to present them comes a bad ass and I'm like it doesn't really fit who he is at this point but I could see it being like a precursor to something down the road But Yeah I think this is just an excuse to get Gargano and black in a ring and let him go at it. Without the fans being divided on cheer for.

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