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The same exact shit, but he's a psycho murderer. So it is an evil snowman who is animated exactly the same as one. And I think they came out pretty concurrently. It was a deep impact. Armageddon, situation, volcano, Dante's, peak. Was like family fairly hard are like slasher. What took the kids to the wrong? Exactly that was blown away was there's the Tommy Lee Jones IRA one, but then there's also a the call Eggert sort of like psycho sexual trauma and one time found the wrong got the wrong one for the video store. Most of my parents and it was. Always treat. Well. Here's a thought, experiment, shake. Let's you can cast Michael Keaton. The way movies being made. Now, is there a marvel character character or a muni? Wait a marvel character. Vitamin, and he was very good. You forgot. My only gripe with that is I think the movie undercuts his performance when early on he zaps one of his henchmen with the laser beam and kills them. And I like that. And then he goes, oh, I thought I had it set stunned or whatever. And I was like, no, have him killed. I don't need this like family friendly, like Morrow version. Have Michael Keane beat this crazy. Yeah, he's nuts. Nutjob we go a little crazy. Crazy movie. Yeah, I really liked that. I thought that was a good turn with spoiler alert, but a good turn with him as a Mary Janes or not marriage in the other girls dad. That was like a cool, a good use of like the Peter Parker character. It felt like a good Peterburg or specific. He's the one superhero could be young enough to go over to pick a girl up at prom and the dad is the villain. Yeah, like it's he's the only one who could pull off a twist in this wjm making girlfriend's dad already. Scary character in Aram com. Whatever into villain in marvel. Very fun. Very Peter. Parker was good, and I'd like and casting him as a Birdman again was great. Yes. Marvels like, okay, can do the birds. Really. Norton. Another crash at Norton at the fuck in Bruce Willis row spike. That was while it's a little weird. He just is like he's one of those actors now you're not built for this kind of thing. You're an actor guy and he liked what he does was really what he did was a really interesting bit, and it was like well written and he, he nails it, but it's kind of weird. But then Bruce Willis kills them back when he goes on the Norton would show up and talk about himself for eight minutes. So. Yeah, that one of my coworkers at Kimmel Jesse, Joyce writes for the roast. Thank you. You wrote a good amount of BRUCE'S material. Awesome. That's very down with that verse guild, it really. Demi spoiler. Rosta. Spoiler on Beetlejuice. Sorry, he's only twenty minutes of the movie. Okay. So anyway, back to your thought experiment. Let's like, let's let's pitch a movie for Michael Keaton. What what role would you like to see Michael Keaton play in what type of movie? That's really interesting. I feel like I mean, obviously the mode I like him the most in is that kind of like Beetlejuice sort of weird or like nightshift kind of riffing guy, but he sort of aged out of that a little bit. So I wonder if that would actually be the best for him right now. I feel like. I almost, you know what would be cool to see him in this isn't necessarily like would make me the happiest, but it'd be cool to see him in like one of those, like one of the movies, Bill Murray gets of like a broken flowers or. Sleepy, indie, like a sad kind of Oscar, punctuated by like interesting choice? Yeah, one of those Wes Anderson He enders. Sanders. He, I can't believe he hasn't broken. Yeah, weird. Over fifty, be his dad. I would say because I'm trying to think of like Michael Keaton as a dad, but in leaning into something that I would love to see him doing. I was thinking like, I don't know what the exact roles are, but like the dynamic of Sean Connery and Harrison Ford in last crusade. So like the dad of action hero or is it like the very age, like the witness in a crime that the tag or something like that, something to get Michael Keaton situation as his older fast talking like that a lot. I think that's a great idea..

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