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I saw a clip of it on TikTok, the other. It actually was YouTube shorts. Told the story about the Chinese farmer and how I'm going to butcher it. The Chinese farmer had his horse run away, and everyone in the village said, oh, that's really bad. And he said, maybe, in the horse came back to the farm with 7 other wild horses. And so I was like, oh, that's really good. You got a bunch of horses now. And the farmer said, maybe. And then the next day, the farmer's son took one of the wild horses out to ride and to break him in. And the sun broke his leg. At ever the village said, oh, that's horrible. Your horse, you know, what are your new horses broke your son's leg? Well, the next day, someone from the military came and said, hey, you know, we're drafting people in the military and his son didn't have to go to the military because his leg was broken. And he actually missed out on a potential opportunity to lose his life. And so the point of that story is that it's exactly what Dan Brazilian said. I'm literally like stealing that entire segment, but he said, look, man, we never really know how things are going to play out in life. And how insane is it that I'm taking a story from Dan Bilzerian? I don't even like the guy. But point is that he is right, though, that you never know what something appears compared to what it actually could be. Good stuff happens in our life every day. And you're not going to know until you see it play out. And maybe Matt carral getting hurt in the sugar bowl is the best thing that ever happened to him. Because he falls through a really good football team in the draft and becomes their franchise quarterback wins a lot of games and has a great career. So you have to be open to the possibility that when something quote bad happens, you can turn it into good. And there is a silver lining. And I think it could be that Matt carrel will fall farther in the draft. But let's be clear, but one thing David, it's totally fine for players to opt out of their bowl games, which I have no respect for and I don't really I have no respect for the bowl games. I totally respect people, you know how much by the way, it takes guts to say I'm not gonna play. Like you're gonna get criticized and all this stuff and it kind of reminds me of, you know, I call up my engagement recently. And I would argue that it takes a lot of guts to call off an engagement and this big obligation and this thing that everyone's excited about your family and people are buying dresses and stuff. And I had to do what was right for me, even if a lot of people didn't understand and kind of bear the weight of that. And the skepticism and criticism I'm going to get for that. And I call it football player doesn't play in their bowl game. It's going to hear it. And they're going to get criticized. But you've got to do what's best for you. Who cares what other people think as long as you're doing what you know is best for yourself and I think it would have been better for mature else future to not play in the bowl game..

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