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Sounds like four years of. The four years a fantastic four, and then it looks like. Three years. There's so much longer, doesn't it? 'cause like fantastic? Four was stories that made sense and had momentum, while avengers was like a giant meandering things that was like well. Let's end it by telling you about their fantastic four. One now he came onto a vendors in two thousand, three hundred thirteen epipens. Let Secret Wars was twenty. Fifteen. Year A, with of course, this doesn't have the year for secret wars, but I can click on find out twenty fifteen. Yeah, so too, so he was there for. Two years. Odors, but was on both avengers, books and multiple. You know spinoff, so that's probably another reason why it feels. Why right because he was reading both the vendors books. Says really four years where the comics. About the same amount, except one had narrative momentum and wanted. The deter. It's just you know. One had to be the temple of line while on fantastic four. Do whatever he wanted, right? Like no one's ever like you don't write that has. Stopped have to have this event. You can't tell your. Story twenty-first-century. Certainly, there was a time when do that, but like, but I feel like every like it's really hard to have a long good avengers. Because you're GONNA be asked to do that. Multiple Stop to television. I mean for being. Brutally honest like there has not been that many good long vendors runs. I years. I'm you can go back to the old days right? I really liked him. Kanye vendors right. Tammy was very very good. That's the remainder. I'm not I recommended person so. It's a good series Sean. I liked the now ewing stuff I don't. I really love valuing stuff, but like I don't even. That it's twenty or thirty years, so that would call champions or something right? Well. He's now on. The author's book probably wouldn't have been championed, but that's a different issue. Harley writing the main avengers book so. One of them. I read. Some of that was reasonably fun. I don't know. They seem to really be pushing the new verse writer, and they're very few characters in any medium I care less about. I mean I'm supervised like I. Really Despise the Benda's era vendors, and I had giant chunks of it so I cannot I cannot at the very least be accused of not giving benders or shot. But I must be in the minority 'cause he was on vendors for. Decade. More. Straight Dickman right so he was on from two thousand one Soleil. Doesn't quo. Yeah yeah basically. So! I. I don't think I've ever liked the BENDA's team. I can't stand his writing in general, but his team books in particular. We would really really this. Yeah I mean he venice. Early. Marvel Benda's did some really cool things. Like. I, his first one, hundred or so issues on ultimate spider, really good, he obviously create miles. Morales, who is characterised had much more many more legs. Ironically actually then I think you know kind of outgrown Bennis. His daredevil run I. Think does hold up their double room at all. I thought it was Frank Miller's greatest hits. It is I. Mean I mean I? Don't know how much daredevil you have read, but all daredevil since Frank Miller except for Mark Wade's run, but even mark. Wade's run is in conversation with the fact that everybody does Frank Miller's greatest hits. The whole I am aware, but then wings I don't ever need to read daredevil anymore. Like I don't need this run thirty times. It's the weeds Rodney, hood. Which? Is, very good, which goes for full circle is Kinda why Hickman need like it's also I love the Boris and run of a new X men. Feed flair I don't need Clermont's run. The fifteenth time. I. And Hickman was at least saying okay like Morrison something different than the moral or cowards and immediately ran away. And had the worst decade and expert history. Ever by far. So and then like Hickman's like. At least I have all these new ideas and like. Now! We're going to tell stories with these new ideas and then. Nothing happened. Yeah I mean I think. We stopped to wait for another event. I think new. New. X men is interesting because the super ambitious, but the like. The more I went back. In the years since I read new men, I went back, read a lot of older X. men, and the trick that Morrison pulls off. There is actually. It's a lot closer to new x Ms a lot closer to eighties X. men than the X. men runs that immediately. From the GYM has a lot more in common with the Dave Cochran John Byrne Era X. men than it has with. The Post Jim Lee Era X. men. And No, no, no, no, no, it's it's. Like. Scott loved owl. Builds his entire career on aping poorly ebbing engine, but poorly aping Clermont and like the bibliometric era is also is literally just like this. It's just them trying to tell the Clairon or is over over I. Agree with you that trying to tell the clermont stories, but I feel like Morrison is actually telling. Stories more like Claremont, and the people who were actually trying to tell Clermont stories. If that makes sense like the way he introduces ideas, blows them blows the rebuilding. I sure, but he's doing his shaking up the premise and how the metaphor! He East. Tell structuring stories in a similar way and like he's talented enough to like. Hell stories that feel like X. Men stories. With that? But he was also like. Everyone else just kept hitting the exact same tropes in the exact same metaphors and Morrison. But how about if we completely update and changed or metaphors that working with here and see how everything else shakes out his response to that and then add my own drug idea I guess what I'm trying to say. Is that right? There is why Clermont dead. For the first ten years, or so he was on xbox. Like Oh gee, updated the metaphor. He put his own weird idiosyncratic. Drug Metaphors and magic in which. Paganism, it's sack. It's sex Pedia, Sam and smoking a lot. For Claremont right like I think that Morrison is more tapping into that same vein in a way that is much more Clermont and the people who are literally just trying to tell. Clermont stories if that makes sense. Because I feel like the the high point of climate era, X., men, and and new x men have a lot, and they're doing the same kind of cultural intellectual.

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