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NewsRadio time is eleven oh. To a thirty year old snowboarder died early this morning when he hit a building at a high speed at the base of close ski run Aaron hill. Struck race timing shack near the base of Aspen mountain at according to the Pitt county sheriff's office emergency management folks were able to get there within minutes but were unable to revive him. According to the Aspen times Aaron hill moved to Aspen from New York City in two thousand fifteen an avalanche rolling down ten mile canyon. Just after five o'clock Sunday along I seventy near Copper Mountain. Stop traffic CBS fours. Macro show was there shortly after the snow settled this avalanche came down the side of the mountain in the past zone over there on the side of the hill. You can see trees knocked over just typical of an avalanche here a shoot in the high country. Colorado state troopers say no vehicles were buried in the slide. And no one was injured a highway was closed between Edwards and frisk. Go for about an hour, both directions reopened shortly after six PM. If you thought. Yeah. Well, earlier today felt more frosty than usual you'd be right? The front range brought Brokaw Fifty-nine-year-old temperature record for Colorado. Manley Sullivan with the national weather service says we dipped down to six degrees below zero the last our record temperature dipped lower was second of nineteen sixty where we had negative seven degrees factor in Wiltshire wind chill and Ali says this weekend has been one of the most frigid on record. For Colorado's front range own tree police say they arrested. The second suspect involved in an officer involved shooting at park meadows mall on Thursday night. Law enforcement said they arrested Twenty-seven-year-old Mercedes Cruz at a hotel and Littleton early Sunday morning. Cruise was the female the second suspect who was able to allude police after her male companion was shot and killed in what own tree police are calling a shoplifting attempt that went terribly wrong. Our next news. Update at eleven thirty Roger Hudson KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM..

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