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CDC recommends people wear cloth masks in public – but Trump says he won't

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This is new territory for Jeff Sessions, the put downs they they're growing in intensity. At hill dot com reports I don't have an attorney general. It's very sad. He doesn't have an attorney. He said that. Yeah. Don't have one. It's very very sad. I'm not happy with numerous things. He says. What a weird sentence again. He's mad about immigration. That was his focus this morning. Amanda immigration. Not not getting what I want to hear. I'm so sad over Jeff Sessions because he came to me he was the first Senator that endorsed me. He wanted to be attorney general, I didn't see it. He was there at the expo center with sid. Miller Huggins signaller with the hats. The mkx America. Great again, Trump says he's mixed up and confused people that worked with them, you know, a long time in the Senate. We're not nice to him. But he was giving very confusing answers. What kind of sentences that as usual? What what? What was that was the sad thing? You're sad. I'm so sad over Jeff. So she says. Very very sad about Jeff Sessions. He wanted to be attorney general. They went to the nominate process he did poorly. I mean, he was mixed up and confused people that worked with them for a long time. They weren't nice to one. There were nice. They weren't nice. Does that mean? Again, they put a kick me sign on his back or something. They weren't nice to him. He was confused mixed up. How can you take that? How I used to think it was all ruse that they had some deal. But no this is insulting. Meaning and this is Trump the Jack ass again. Yeah. Makes me laugh though, it it makes me laugh to the jackass. Those comments are just so weird. Nobody talks like that. I'm sad. And this is on a sassy tweet in it of this was in an interview. Oh this. Oh, yeah. The interview I don't have an attorney roll-call. Yeah. I it's sad. He said, it's very very very sad. He sad. Four times. Very sad. I'm sad over Jeff Sessions because he came to me. Here's the first center that endorsement he wanted to be attorney general just didn't see it. He's mixed up and confused people. They worked with me now for a long time. They're not nice to. No, they're not nice. They picked on him picking for dodgeball. What would what is that? I obviously that's criticism. But it's just bizarre. What a shock here described as a free willing interview. We're winning doubt. If there's no real plan to the interview he's gonna end up there. Yeah. I think he's default position on everything is Jeff Sessions is a moron. Jeff Ward and.