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No. I mean, I mean Tony Tony Dungey in between thinking that students are using cat litter in the bathroom. Is not a quality in game announcer, but you know, I thought that the thing we're gonna talk about broadcasting for a moment here before we close. The thing that was really remarkable to me about those Amazon broadcast this on Thursdays was that Michaels and her street are terrible team. I mean, there was just no chemistry there. Herb street is great in college, but that was really a bad team. Michael's was pretty much dialing it in most of the year, which to be he's not used to doing bad games. But I will say that that the pre and postgame teams was by far the best of the NFL and it's not even close. Like the turning results is good. For sure, but the Richard Sherman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andrew Whitworth combo, was just far, far and away listening to the yaks of Jimmy, you know, 79 year old Jimmy Johnson and a 113 year old cherry Brown shop or whatever happened on CBS. I mean, it's just terrible. So I mean, you know, the Amazon's got a little work here. I've seen elvin with like 8 people on that panel for like two and a half minutes. I thought it was amazing and they actually brought Rob Gronkowski and it was like, how do we find the single living human being who has less coherent Terry Bradshaw? You're typical like shitty Thursday night again. Al hox are gonna fit involves. One thing he's like, he doesn't care anymore. So he's happy to talk about how bad the game is and the way the most like. I'm about to first reach the straight man like in the context of like a bad game. He's not just sort of entertaining. The problem is that he called the playoff game with the store comeback as if it was like a Thursday night game between the taxes and the Panthers. I think that's like it's almost like he wasn't like he wasn't really in the mood to like all the playoff game anymore to so used to. And I almost I could see that like if I had to call like 17 weeks and there was an NFL game that also rolled out. I mean, to be fair, when he took that job, I'm like, you have to cover every team, which means you're going to have a jets game. You're going to have a lion in the game. You know, the money's good, but like Al, do you really need it? What's really happening here? No, I think that it would be this would bounce us back to sort of conversation with that our friend Paul are calling Paul, who's very good at, which is like the assumption that talent is rare, right? And in this particular case, these are sort of the discussion of sort of Al Michaels and why you pay all that goes that much money to be just frankly and flatly apathetic about the job that he's doing over the course of the year.

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