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Jerry West, Famer Clippers Consultant, Clippers discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


He's the hall of Famer Clippers Consultant of course former LAKER. Gm player Jerry West. Joining us on the program. Jerry is that a real background there. I'm sorry is that a real background is that you've got palm trees behind you. Yes actually been in palm springs for about two and a half months and get a little hot down as about ready to head back to Los Angeles here very soon. Happy Birthday by the way is is the best gift to not bring up that. It's your birthday Dan. I guess I've been fortunate to be around for eighty two years also anniversary so I thought we best to Get married on my birthday so I'd never forget it but it's forget at one time emphasize what happened Just in the middle of a season and sometimes when you get there you just birth Inevitably important when I When I grew up and I I guess it was just a minor thing and more importantly You know it was just something. It wasn't important and Go along today and been involved in. Obviously a few people know me Gotten a lot notes and everything and it's really nice to hear from the all at this point in your life and this is your fortieth wedding anniversary so forty years ago how many NBA players showed up for your wedding. I don't know if any did forty actually forty two day all forty two years ago. Okay so you didn't have teammates. Who showed up for your wedding. All no no. This was This well after my career and Deploying days and it wasn't a huge wedding anyway but anyway Lot of lot of crazy things I've seen in my life and my eighty two years time as well. Happy Birthday How how many Conversations have you had with clippers players or doc rivers or anybody St Bomber with the possibility of when we come back actually on a number Dan..

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