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By the way, good movie back in the day. Really good. One thing that I don't think that people quite would understand, maybe they do now because there's been enough stories written about them was how ultra competitive they are. Like even now, they run this trail here. It's called the gross grind. It goes up gross mountain. They raise. Like they're not running out there together. They're racing. And if somebody's ahead, the other guy's trying to catch them. It's remarkable how they've pushed and prodded and helped each other along their way. They took a lot of crap in the early time of their career here. And if you look at their pictures when they came over, they were a couple of little chunky Swedish kids, right? It's like you see, not today, but it used to be like these chunky kids that come into the NHL with all the little baby fat, 18 years old. And there were no different than a Canadian kid or a U.S. kid that comes in at 18 and you look at pictures of them ten years later, like they're not even the same people. So it took them like Henrik said, you know what? 23. We weren't, you know, we didn't think we should be in NHL players. Like, there were four or 5 years into their career. And then they just exploded. And I do think one thing that, you know, people like the people like to talk about people that are in the Hall of Fame about what they're not. And so, you know, you hear a little bit well, they never want to Stanley Cup and lubango didn't win a Stanley Cup. I think that's almost last. For me, if I were voting, which I'm not, that's almost last in criteria for me. It's not the Hall of Fame of being a good teammate and being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes you just you're not there. You're just not the window was not there. So let's assume Henrik and Daniel just missed the Hall of Fame. Among others, the one go to the adjustments and somebody says, yeah, it's because they never want to come. So you mean if they would have won game 7 in 2011, they would have been in. One game matters, whether you're in or out, makes no sense to me. So I think the Hall of Fame should, first of all, I don't think it should be for the good.

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