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So how do you how do you digest this win knowing? They gotta play another week team chilling next and then a tough team Sweden have to that. When you have this type a scoring they're getting a lot of backlash. Well, and I think it's I think that some of that backlash is justified. I'm very thrilled for the team. It's a great victory. A great win a great way to kick off this Cup series. And we'll see how they do. And we certainly hope that they go all the way. However, just in sports, generally, I am not in favor of over celebrating. I think you celebrate at the end of the game coaching kids, I would tell them, you know, basically, obviously every goal is a great moment for you, and congratulations. It's, it's a great thing to score a goal in a game like this. But at the end, we're going to celebrate jump up and down. And I think, as you said earlier, Brian, you wanna pull out some of those star players gives some other people a chance at the end of the game just to be out there and say the say those big scores for later in the process, talking about pulling up you just talking about not scoring. Is that a problem Leslie Osborne? Thinks I'm wrong. She's on Fox Sports cut thirty eight this is part of the game. And if you're Thailand, you're not upset you're not disrespected when you plan World Cup. You know, you've been on the other side of it, this is what you live for injuring for this as part of the game. And I don't think there's any issue to actually this is historic. No one's ever won by thirteen goals before. So this is part of it. What's the highest score ever, I think it was eleven so that's too high. And as I said, before, if, if I call in, you have to call in your scores at the end of the game thirteen th the fine suspended or reprimanded. So they go well, those kids, sock, well, I mean, you want sportsmanship, and every level I don't understand what, what kind of counter argument that is Gary v m t in Burlington, Vermont. Gary. Brian. You're not wrong. Nothing score is it's one, but the biggest issue that the way they did it. My daughter played with those girls. National. Regional title, the national titles as well. Program. So we've been to a lot of this. So one of the things you learn coming through these hapless seems or teams. Way underneath you, you start to back off and start to shoot for long range. That way. Kids, are entertained fans are entertain, and you're not taking the girls out of playing hard female end of it. Do. Watch what they do. Doing things are not used to. They tend to run the problems. ACL keep playing hard but the ball into the mixer and try to win that way. The goals are scoring right. And when you do that you're going to get the garbage. If you start shooting at long range, your scores only be six or seven at most and the other thing, that's probably the worst thing about is Nick computer on a road, but where we were in this situation with the national level teams in all the regional teams the differential feeling on this four or five goal. Evidently, there's none in the World Cup. And which I found the standing because usually it's three or five so it's you get to three nothing or you go with virtual, that's it. So there's no incentive to win fifteen nothing. They cap it. So listen. They play great. I wish they could show sportsmanship all around, and it's not a man in woman thing, thanks so much for the call. And you kind of agree is. Is there shock clocking lacrosse, there is in college across now is the ninety second shot Shaq? And if the score gets above a certain number I think it's twelve the clock just runs for the rest of the game. So, so that, yeah, exactly. And mercy rule in soft bright. Maybe in some, some levels. Let's go. Let's go back and talk immigration. Jonah soussan WABC in New York. Jonathan. Good morning. It's not just going to run into severe opposition. Left wing media, and the Democratic Party, what hell bent on turning the country into a third world, but also from conservatives within the Republican party who not only dominate foreign policy. They also dominate domestic policy. It's not just the new conservative chamber of commerce time. What do you say they want? What do you say these saying that they neoconservatives one ks of the border? Definitely want a monkey. America. Remember that most of lefties back in the nineteen seventies. Intellectual Irving crystal. Former leftist and a lot of them are still committed to hell bent on changing the traditional population of the United States. If that was true, there's a legal way to do it. You could say the president made his, he goes used my party's I want, I want skill labor. I want these high intellectuals that are training at Berkeley, and Fordham Stanford and to be able to say we want you stay here. He wants to marry face immigration system. If the Neo conservatives wanted more diversity, you could do it the legal way, right, Martha. We've got plenty location. Absolutely. In fact, one of the proposals was just to, to, to not take in fewer people in terms of the number, but to take in a larger number of merit immigrant and then a slightly smaller number of families who are coming to join family members into overtime chino, sort of change that number, we've had plenty of times in the course of our history where we closed the border, where we stopped immigration over periods of time to allow the groups that we're here to assimilate and get settled, and then you open it again. There's nothing wrong or inhumane with having control over immigration policy. I it's really I actually, I think. Humane thing when you really look at, you know, to have some control of the border doesn't make people who standing in line feel ridiculous. Number one, like they're being injured or killed or raped or anything on their way across the border Leslie, Mike was online in Maryland. Mike. Good Mark mccallum's here can set for townhall tomorrow. Enter show at seven tonight. Awesome. Hey. I've been on both ends of, of never let my team score more than nine goals, high school club level out of respect for the kids and families and everything. But I want you to think about that match twenty minutes left. Maybe we'll win. Eight nail seven nil and the girls. The lady thing hold back not hold back, but they just change the style of play. It turns into a big match of keep away. Pitch. We open up when you keep the ball Thailand. Chait. A couple of minutes. And then they get deflated and dejected because they can't touch the ball. So they stand. It's actually more disrespectful to Thailand players for us to do that than it is to keep playing allow the time players to keep battling and fighting against the best team in the world. Out of the nephew, more times than we'd like, but guess what? It's better than having to try and catch the ball or chase the ball in a game of keep away. Keep it away. Keep the scores somewhat normal. You goal differential is going to go away. I two teams advance in a fourteen division. They're going to get out of the group will see this supposed to crush chili. That's get get to week teams the number one seed. Thanks, mike. Martha, you want anything? They have on the bench. I mean that's my thing. Why? But in all those players three a half. Okay. So you could've easily. I don't I don't think they emptied. I don't know if they maximize their their subs. But one person when taken out as sent a forward. Alex Moore's arrest and call came off the bench, fellow New Jersey, and we're gonna come back and wrap things up. Keep in mind if you wanna seem author in person, and I get to see re person once in a while it is great go to town hall at Fox News dot com for free tickets, free Phoenix, Arizona, the, it's going to be featuring Julian Castro. He's to run HUD, clan, really who the on. Oh, hulan. Yes, I Cohen of Julian Castro. Is that correct me? How dare she back in a moment? Your with Brian Kilmeade..

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