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Nikki was coming with. You'll know me evidences is episodes never going to all of a sudden teeth completely cut out the heart will kind of be like a b. You know nigga. I'm gonna start a lot so i need you to go back to two thousand twenty one idea and i said it has to be named lie to twenty one currently sending this to my lawyer i with mike. Cut this this this look at me. Look fine where someone lives. Bloom apple trade this system. Yeah it's been a new ride just completely different from content creation well different types of content creation. I've been having so much fun with that. And then i've also been indicated to poker which. Yeah you have old degenerate level like daily poker najim pogo. Yeah hold him like memorizing charges my position than the crazy. What not like on the level of that obsession yeah like being able to read your opponents range by what they're playing what they're betting the level bedding at how much they're betting. I got pretty good it card reading like knowing exactly what cards. They have been to a card room yet. Yeah yeah debbie commerce. You'll catch get commerce now. We're selling time bicycle. Lake come play shit like every like i have a hoodie with headphones and glasses. He can't actually told steve that my plan is to be like a cougar. S forty year old with the fake big fake boobs. Just like i'm gonna start smoking now so i'm gonna gesturing with this the whole experience the voice you gotta make gucci glasses. Give pocket celebrity canterbury. Soon larry.

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