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Sixteenth seeded ri the fishman come it great does the it grow up to be the ncaa's still upper lipscomb johnny oh sixty seven fifty shades of grayson allen ties for sale for ten dollars and stop the from ian frank this mcmanus's informed us that she survived swimming and eating fish out of the potomac for those of us who are out of market for news channel eight can someone please confirm that miss mcmanus has not grown an extra penny or developed a healthy green glow as a result of our exposure to the river from jason jones millersville maryland please forward me all of your monopoly tickets that's it that's all i've got forward them here take them send them what's the ray madda in houston texas first time longtime on tuesday show you got you read an email from a little jeff martin he's emails simply asked me to sign his toaster which left the gang confused i believe mr martin this is a reference to the infamous klay thompson toaster signing from two thousand seventeen thompson was asked by fan to sign a toaster which resulted in this wonderful picture of a puzzle klay staring at a toaster and he ended up signing it after the incident went viral the warriors subsquently finished thirty one and two and won the nba championship so i need to sign the toaster apparently because dope put somebody into win strap you might be the key to finding the last monopoly ken fuse into moines iowa kirk ginny add sweet potatoes avocado diet potomac fish tori names kiwi tony talks about stormy the post picks the nats shocker and a top it off the immortal brown eyed girl death no show ever we had no show really from eric in mifflin berg pennsylva.

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