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If you compare to him today i guarantee you and we have the modern technology to do it you go out and you look at his throws in the throes did he made you went to roberto clemente i dui evans could throw as well as roberto clemente dave winfield good pro as well as roberto clemente i ladimir guerrero my god what an arm as whereas arm strength does ma a over the last fifteen twenty years there really isn't a guy now in major league baseball i'm taking all the right fielders and that's where you see your stronger south world arm is in right field i wouldn't put any of today's major leaguers in net group of rifle armed outfielders atyrau was in his data antara like this any more boat when when he was at the top of his game five years ago eight years ago would ever had a dynamite arm but not any more i think it's too deemphasis of defense in baseball it's all about the home run in the strikeout baseball anymore uh either hit a threerun homer drag out that's cool that's what you're trying to do get up there swing for the fences good defender all gay well that's great it's an addition we'll take it by if we gotta go ahead four times as many home runs as you urinate homerun hitter we can get our i can get our hands on a thirty two homerun hitter a we'll take the lesser defence it will take the dirty duomo over the eight even though you can run a ball down battery you can throw a guy out in on play although compromise on defense has been compromised a massively in major league baseball and that's the one game that i think has certainly changed my opinion for the worse basketball i'm perfectly fine with has changed greatly it's different than it was twenty five thirty forty years ago when i was kid different is always worse some people believe different equates to worse i don't different can be better and to just be different and i think the nba game.

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