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So tired. You're getting back into your voice is like signing hurt. Yeah yeah. I've noticed that over the weekend. I lost my voice completely and then i found out this do the died from pneumonia and not knowing. What's his name. Jim hansen. It was on the cave. Podcast or jim. Henson the puppeteer not handsomely. Yeah it's just like for a second. I don't have money. I thought you were communicating via morse code. It sounded like you were trying to send a coded messages. Somebody who's doing every time. That's what i'm trying knows me. Okay yeah every once in a while. I'll use the digital one. I mean very very rarely and that always has hidden messages. Like the idea of the in tuned kind of funny games daily listeners. Who are like. I know this single time. I'm taking it. I'm cropping the sound. Sound bid on putting it into google translate for the most morse code google translate because you know they got that got that they're out here trying to get all the messages from the kinda funny games dailies eighty. We have a jam packed roope reports seven news stories filled with a range of news like a range of news. Okay let's start off with story number one. Ea has acquired played democ for one point. Four billion dollars renan's sinclair at games industry biz. Electronic arts has agreed to purchase play dynamic from warnermedia for point. Four billion dollars in an all cash deal. The companies announced today founded in two thousand ten the manchester uk based play. Democ is best known as the developer of the mobile in facebook. Game golf clash. Well we've enjoyed working with the talented team play. Democ as they've grown golf clash beyond all expectations into a hit. Mobile game was tremendous longevity. Wb games president david haddad. Said he continues. Well we have great respect for the play. Democ team artists divest is part of our overall strategy to build games based on warner brothers. Storied franchises and quote last month. Wb games parents warnermedia announced that it would be it would be spun off of parent company. At and t. And merged with discovery in a forty three billion dollar deal but it was reported that not all of the publishers operations would be going along raising questions about the fate of the remaining studios the play democ acquisition announcement specified that the rest of the wb games portfolio is included in the deal with discovery. Play democ becomes the fourth significant for ea since december when it reached an agreement to purchase racing game specialist code masters for one point. Two billion dollars thwarting take two's interactive's take you interactive's own attempt to add the company to its portfolio if all that up with a two point one billion dollar acquisition of glue mobile in february and the addition of super supromega baseball developer metalhead software in may and he. This is a lot of cooperation back and forth going on here. A lot of acquisitions. Do you have any takeaways here. First off didn't know golf clashes a game cool. That sounds great. One point four billion is a lot of money for a su- to making a successful mobile game. I again something. That i didn't even know existed but again the mobile world is a totally different kind of ecosystem that i don't have a whole lot of experience with My initial question was what does this mean for the other studios and then you got to it. So i said okay. That's it but it three. There are two things that i take away from the story right like one. The fact that ea continues to double down on the mobile market That's an interesting interesting thing. You know they are paying a lot of money for mobile studios especially when you look at that. Compared to a studio code masters. I called masters is known for their racing. Games are known for putting out big budget games and the console and pc spaces and they're the kind of developer that me and you andy what would know and appreciate but for them for easy to be making big big moves into a studio played. I make into studios like glue mobile right. Mobile has a range of games. Including i think another baseball game And then yeah for with them getting metalhead software in may right with the addition of super mega baseball. That is speaking a lot to probably as being like okay cool. We got find bigger and better ways to make money outside of what is probably mainly ultimate team and microtransactions. Because i think that's been so big free for quite a few years figuring out ways to monetize. Lou boxes figuring out ways to monetize random drops in cosmetics and all this stuff to get off of ultimate team in their other sports games. This probably them being like we've got to diversify and we gotta go bigger and better and so that's my takeaways in a perfect world. This is them saying you know. Hey we already committed to single player campaigns. We made that sort of big statement and said you know dragging age. Four is not going to be a multi player. Live service game. We are committing after seeing this excessive fallen order. We know what the fans want after seeing the success of mass effect legendary edition. We know what the fans want. Lets commit to this vision. Maybe we can use a lot of those mobile money to kind of You know pay for some of the you know not not necessarily losses but obviously you're not gonna make a whole lot of money on the games that aren't these live service games when they're successful granted there's been a shift lives. Earth games do fail immediately. Continue with his operas. Yeah well bounce off. That plane rightly feels almost like the medicine so that we can get to the candy. You know this feels like the all right cool we wanna be the that's able to put out things like knockout city and it takes two and A possible dead space revival. We wanna be that era that you guys grow to love and appreciate and not just that. Ea that is about Being money hungry and that is associated with out games that Nickel and dime the player games that have quote unquote gambling things. We don't want to be or we don't want to be known for being that e we wanna be right being the that fans fans get again can get into and this feels like the move in order to support the financial weight that needs to be there so they can actually have that happen. So that's like that's for me one. Take away the other takeaway for me is on the warner side of with everything going around going on with. Wb and discovery and what that means for wb and their portfolio them offloading this mobile developer play democ to ea. I think points is something interesting. Because they mentioned here right in their quote that our overall strategy to build games is the bill games based on warner.

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