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The journey of reap listener go sign up today. And don't miss another edition of the inside. Look you've talked a little bit about how you wish. Sometimes that you spent that time in prayer and that preparing yourself for what was to come might have helped to bring some of that piece. Yes and then you've you've quoted some scripture and i think that sometimes especially as moms we can feel like i am so busy i don't have time for my faith which is why maybe you know. We go to wednesday night. Bible study or we go to sunday morning because we feel like at least. That's on the schedule. And i can drop my kids off at childcare and now i don't have anything to think about but god but then that means that we're really only engaging with him and his word once maybe twice a week and that's it and if we think of god's word as food that's not enough and we're if we're to think about god being like a friend that's not enough you know if you need to foster that relationship so how is it that we can keep a fun household still. Get everything done that. We need to but still find time for that. That faith peace and while you're saying get everything done that we need to also just want to say. We have to pray that our expectations to all right and the seasons that we're living in and as we involve our kids in the teamwork we a lot of times. I do find that moms. I personally don't have a problem. Not a perfectionist. Thank thank fully okay with this. If other people will do the jobs. I'm generally okay with. However it's done i try to teach them how to i'm. I'm okay. I know a lot of moms i work with are so they want it done this this this yeah well. I went to ask at the expense of what like what this is a season. So lowering those expectations letting other people help in then so getting everything. Done that address that but as far as spending time. It's absolutely vitally important that we have the holy spirit failing us each day empowering us being a mom is one of the hardest most thankless jobs. Especially when they're little. I know some people love that phase. I didn't ever. I always enjoyed them. The older they get the more. I enjoy them. Okay the the little when. They're toddlers and their undoing everything that you've just done. Yes what's that phrase. Phyllis diller said like cleaning house when your children are young is like shoveling snow in a blizzard. Oh totally related with that and so realizing lowering our expectations and then realizing that we have to have god's grace on us we have to..

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