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News station. KTAR news. KTAR news on ninety two three FM. Get some perspective. Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes. We won't be much perspective to understand that. When somebody is in a position of power or they have power. They will do whatever it takes to hold onto it. And we know that our lawmakers are elected political heroes. Got some power here. Eros is strong words. I'm using that tongue-in-cheek RA come on. Now, Steve fever in there again from ABC fifteen joining me today, and you like I was watching the state of the state address with governor Ducey last week. And if you were listening to it here on KTAR versus watching it on ABC fifteen you may have gone a bit of a different perspective on one specific topic that the governor spoke about it was this take a listen. And how about we start with? Eliminating the most unnecessary law of them, all legislative immunity. We are a nation of laws. Not men. No one not me. No. Are you is above the law now as I'm driving in my car, and I'm listening to that. I'm going. Yeah. With the governor timeshare, but when you were watching it on ABC fifteen what did you see when the governor said that it was? That's great. It was a lukewarm kind of tepid response from from legislators. And is we're finding out. Now, a lot of these legislators are saying, maybe we don't want to give up this legislative immunity, not necessarily, and it's across the board to its Republicans its Democrats, and they're saying, no, no, we really should be exempt from certain laws during the legislative session. Even though we've never had a case where a lawmaker was actually impeded from a vote or any of the reasons behind this law. We've never it's never happened in the state of Arizona. I mean, this was something that was put in our constitution in nineteen twelve. And who knows what they were thinking in nineteen exactly we're sort of emerging from the wild wild west at that point. And and the idea was that some Senator coming from the outskirts of Phoenix in at that point. It was probably seven th street and van Buren. In their in their horse and buggy in the in the county constable pulls them over and keeps them from voting on a really important vote. And because of that we need immunity from these laws that's never happened. And the interesting thing to me is that isn't the sort of a slap in the face to law enforcement by keeping this law on the books and in saying that we really need this. Are we saying that law enforcement would do that today that they would pull somebody over for political reasons to keep them from voting? I I think it's just incredibly far fetched and we've seen the law. Abused state Representative Vince Leach out of two Sean says that the whole idea of this protection is to keep a police officer or a sheriff's deputy from detaining one or two lawmakers whose votes are needed. You could render our legislature nonfunctional really because the only time I hear legislative immunity being used is not because we've. Got crazy law enforcement trying to stop down at the capitol. I hear it Seve when it is. Crazy lawmakers trying to get away with something. Oh, I don't know like Paul Moseley. Remember this guy out of lake havasu? You don't remember? Let's go to the body Cam footage showy. Hundred and thirty earlier he.

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