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Good afternoon and welcome to an exclusive edition of the really big barbecue central. Shell our third year of announcing. Who is going to be in the twenty twenty one barbecue hall of fame. Goodness if you can believe we are finally here joining me in just a minute. We'll be emily park from the american royal manager of the world theories of barbecue. We'll talk a little bit about the events that take place mid september and then we will go ahead and make the reveals. Oh fifteen twenty minutes or so in length and we're happy to have you aboard here on your wednesday once again. we are doing it. live live production. don't let anybody else full. You not prerecorded. We're doing it. That's what we do on ship as daniel von says the texas monthly barbecue editor that we are courageous on the show mostly and we're not afraid to let it all hang out all right so as the audience builds in let me go ahead and race of the hotline and welcome in friend of the show. Emily parr k. Emily our wouldn't be alive show. There wasn't anybody questions whether we're alive or not. This one specifically is showing it all in raw form so As i was mentioning last night the embedded correspondents than i got together and before we do this reveal. Luckily this always happens on a wednesday. So we're able to do it on a tuesday night. During the barbecue central show we all voted for our three independently and then we actually came to a consensus For the top three vote-getters. I was a little unsure if that was going to happen so to put it out there all upfront. Before we say oh well. I had the same ones after you reveal. Let me give you who the embedded. Correspondents would have voted in. Had it happened last night. A meathead from amazing ribs dot com. Jon marcus noted tv producer and introduce of barbecued to the millions and bill arnold so those were our three now last year. We did this. I believe we got zero out of three rice. We were very poor prognosticators of prognostication. Which would probably make us really good weather people depending on where we are the country bright. Slow nine to pick for. You could say. I'll night so it's tough right. So that's who we have ready to go before we get into the reveal here give us a quick update on anything relating to the competition. We know it's going to be coming. Sixteenth through the nineteenth this coming september How many teams do we have registered. Any incentives or anything like that. What would we like to get everybody to know first before we get to the names for sure. So incentives now. I'm just going to have to say it. We missed a whole year. So get out there. This is this is a family reunion. Not just our barbecue but all bar is get out there and do do some stuff to see your friends and family again. So we push that. That's my biggest thing We have over two hundred right now and every day more so the good thing is is we're taking teams basically until we start cooking so keep on registering as long as you can get your meat cooked in time. We want you to join. This kind of is as simple as it can be. All right. sounds good. We're talking with emily park here. From the american royal the manager over there at the world series of barbecue barbecue hall of fame dot com is the website. So if you're person doesn't get in this year then you can go ahead and take out a few minutes of your time to fill out a domination form for whoever you think is deserving and we talk about that on the show all the time so everybody's pretty much up to speed. Let's go ahead and go over the names of the nine finalists and then we can reveal who is going to be making up the class of twenty twenty one and it's a little different or this is the this is the second year of legacy members. Correct so we're gonna have three Let's call traditional members Through voted on off of that nine finals names and then we will have to legacy members as well so we'll be voting in a total of five here during the show number one on the list. Bill arnold who's bill arnold. Why do we know him. Bill arnold if you know blues hug bill arnold blog sauce. I mean you can kind of get it anywhere big staple in the barbecue contests community really built that up but you know beyond that very well known name with his brand and everything he's done absolutely Started competition i agree But now is expanded. I mean you can find it an as a lot of other larger retailers. Somebody who doesn't compete like myself Has a complete affinity for those sauces. I like to mix the original and the read together fifty fifty. That's like favorite sauce. So that's who bill arnold is. What about ali gates alligators kansas city staple and the barbecue community but really just kind of the a barbecue restaurant tour. Big time You were opening a barbecue restaurant and you want to figure out how to do it. You kind of look at what allah gates. Did you know his restaurant as well as building a infrastructure to support barbecue Really i would kind of how i would phrase it Big big time. I mean anyone who owns a barbecue. Restaurant knows what gates has done. He has a rib university to teach folks how to start this in the next on the list as meathead from amazing ribs dot com. Yeah i mean if you need to know anything about barbeque kill quick. Search the internet you go to amazing ribs dot com. You found thousands and thousands of articles He also him and his team really spend a lot of time to make sure what they're putting out. There is very scientific and maybe not opinionated but really test a lot of product. So you at home know what to use. Next was jon. Marcus marcus you know his name. You maybe not don't know off the street but if you've ever seen pitmasters which i would assume anybody listening here or watching has pitmasters. So he's one of the producer director of pitmasters as well as many other things in a huge barbecue enthusiasts himself next on the list. Is ed mitchell at mitchell. Ed mitchell if you know whole hog he's not the only one on here do it whole hog but admits has his own restaurant out in the carolinas and been doing whole hog for a long time also on the list. A another whole hogger is rodney scott. Ronnie scott and ronnie scott's been doing a lot lately. You've probably see him currently. He's on that netflix documentary about With some other hall of famers that we know to An rodney's kinda opening new restaurants and doing some stuff but not for his whole his bringing that to the to the folks in the new book. That's just out the month of so ago as well so a new author next up. Joe traeger now. I believe the last name might have given this one away. Joe treasure to somebody Couple of weeks ago. And they're like. Who's joe traeger and i was like what so just in case you know the the traeger grill. Traeger a smoker. If he would. That's joe trademark kind of started this. If you anything you can kind of buy now really bringing that whole different style of barbecuing to your home. He he kicked it off. He created the whole infrastructure of that appellate cookers and the trigger. Last name go hand in hand whether he's a now legally allowed to say that or not is another story but traeger news talk. next up. is.

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