Witness Tampering discussed on Deminski and Doyle


It is three twelve and there is a trial going on it's the second witness tampering trial for gentleman by the name of ed fortune you would know him much better as new jersey's weed man now there were charges brought against this guy and the big thing that this turned into is when they had what the prosecution was calling a confidential informant and ed fortune new jersey's wedeman found out who he was and he started sending letters and photos to the family of this confidential informant he was sending packages more than one and he was calling him a snitch calling him a rat things like this and the prosecution decided that this was witness tampering because it was making a lot of people in the family they say feel very intimidated and threatened which i can actually see it happened like that and i appreciate the weed man as far as his activism and i think the whole thing is silly because i don't think it should have ever been a legal to begin with and i think they should have left the guy alone however once it got into this whole thing once you start sending those packages then obviously you're going to end up having a problem so he has been in jail for the longest time and this is now his second witness tampering trial well wouldn't you know once again he has decided to represent himself that's the part of this that we wanted to talk about not the case itself but just the concept of representing yourself in court whether it's a traffic ticket whether it's a crime whether it's a divorce case whether it's a custody battle whether it's a civil lawsuit has anybody done this and they always say fool for a client when you're at present yourself.

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