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You know talked about cash. But there's something about the human brain that we do call them mental accounting where we love all if we have people are already being paid a cash salary and then you give them another cash bonus on top of it. That feels good enough but it kind of feels quite familiar and similar and can create the sort of drop in the bucket effect Whereas if you were to offer instead the chance to be part of a top performer trip for example like a really incredible Meeting or travel experience In in a destination for example that feels like something distinct and special and separate and and really worth going for and science suggests that That sense of separation or separate mental accounting actually makes people value that potential reward more highly. We'll have someone from the incentive industry on the on the Radio Show. I want to know what does the word spiff? Actually what's the abbreviation for that? Because I haven't heard that in so long we used spiff. Ibm Yeah I I know. A special performance incentive. I never knew what the F. stood for so I guess I'm still searching the other things you mentioned. Is that a good way to recognize. People is just the simply say I see what she did. I see you there and it's funny because I'm a big pelton trainer. It's like spinning on a bicycle and one of the trainers. She's always calling people and she said specifically I see there. I see there and a lot of people. They if they do a great job they just want to be recognized for doing that. Great job and it could be as simply as I see you there. Yeah and what's amazing about that? Is that intrinsic desire for recognition Is just as effective when it's anonymous so there's some really cool research by one of our partners. Yana DALLAS AT UCLA. Who did study with wikipedia since people who contribute to the WIKIPEDIA website? And as you probably know they do all of this work for Free Community of people who are intrinsically motivated. They just want to contribute their knowledge to The collective and in her study she randomly assigned some people an award that she just made up. That was just like a little badge that says you know. Great Job can contract contributor award. She needed the Edelweiss awards but Found that those who were given this sort of status badge even though they right under anonymous monikers they're sort of ghostwriters. No one knows who they are. But those who got that badge. ended up contributing more and lasting with the site longer than did similar contributors. Who didn't get the batch so it works even when people can't really see or who you are. It's interesting to me because you see on a lot of these sites now like I contribute a lot to tripadvisor where you get different kinds of badges right or if you're a top contributor on facebook right you'll get a badge for that particular site so it's really very interesting. There's a really important subject Charlotte. Where can people learn more about what you in? The organization are doing I would check out. People Science Dot Com. Which is really just a fun website. It's run by a science writer. Who's also a stand up comedian? So that sounds like fun. It's Super Fun and funny. And it's designed to kind of make people as excited about behavioral sciences. We are so that we can kind of continue to grow this momentum in applying the work and really connecting the science to the real world people science dot Com Charlotte's. Thanks so much on the show this is. Am eight twenty W CPT in Chicago. We'll be right back tune in regularly to my show. Then you know that I talk to many different businesses across the country different types of people different backgrounds all kinds of industries. But there's one thing that unites all of us. Searching that thing known as work life balance I get pretty bummed out when a listener tells me that. They haven't been home for dinner and a whole month. That's why I'm so excited to introduce you to V Sita. Vc that does a lot for one little application. It can help you achieve that lifestyle. Vcd's that personal.

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