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Yeah. That team was pretty strong for quite a while. I'm in those are crazy stats suggest anymore really like one team being able to translate from driver to ever so easily is just. It's something that's really impressive. Dwi's closest competitor. Both years for the championship was none other than Bobby. Allison who has his biggest rival now? I didn't know that they had ever been friends. But going back to Daryl's Cup career. He said that Bobby Allison taught him everything that he knows about setting up a car. Because Bobby was actually building the short-track car that he was running in Asheville. And you know different tracks over the southeast but yeah during that time they were. Actually buddies is in. Bobby taught him everything he knows about. Set up a car bobby. Indeed you how to build a race car and how to maintain arrays car. He did it his way. And it rubbed off on Daryl on how to maintain a car that much true jared. I have a very important question for you. Yes sir. How many wins does Bobby Allison have in his rate? No no no no now. This is a test. How are we are we talking like blunts on the book or the like including Some of the other controversial ones. Because I know there's a. There's a debate between eighty four and eighty five. I listen you gotta you gotTa take a stand with others in eighty four ninety five. I'm going to go eighty five. I like bobby going good I I have to support him as much and he was nice enough to be the first big interview that ever got on our show. So I'm going with with Bobby Allison on anything. He does have eighty five win. I'll always say that. As will he the one question that I really did want to ask? Darryl was about the fact that they are officially tied with eighty. Four weds agent as I mentioned there. I think that's just proof that God has a sense of humor to drivers. That probably disliked each other. The most wind up todd in the record books officially did want to ask Darrell about that and to be honest with you. I kind of expected. Darrell at the kind of dance around the subject and to say that. Yeah they are tied. And that maybe bobby didn't deserve credit for that win. And maybe he did. Maybe didn't but he did say that Bobby won the rice there at Bowman Gray Stadium and nineteen seventy-one. He didn't know all the circumstances but he did know that bobby did win that race and that he actually did go to bill. French junior told him to go ahead. And Give Bobby Credit for the win. I thought that was pretty cool on Daryl's Park I think you're exactly right And really when you stop and think about it why not? We've all talked about bobby winning the race. It always bowling great correct. Yeah Yeah and he was in a Grand Merican exactly using a grain. A Grand American one time I think was going to grind east and so forth. But be that as it may. He was grand car one cup race. And that's why the victory was not officially recorded as a victory bathroom Daryl admitting that he won the race and going to bill France and saying go ahead and give it to. Bobby realized come on the truth is the truth. And let's deal with it. Jeter you take notes. I kinda winced this Osberg video. Come together I don't know man. I think I think I might. I'll I'll I'm definitely I take tons of notes about different videos and stuff Someone have to add this down to it? I just really quick I'm on became a Atta Because I know you guys are saying that they were big rivals and stuff When I asked Bobby Allison is actually really funny. The origin the question up after the so. Probably what you guys note. No the origin of the question but I asked him about his rivalries and he claimed that he never had a rivalry with anybody. Anybody this is Bobby Alison. We're talking about right. Yeah I differ. Okay talking about Bobby Allison of town Alabama not of Reno Nevada. Bobby Allison Eighty five win. Bobby Allison asked him about nineteen seventy-two if nothing else I'm thinking about nineteen seventy nine Daytona. Five hundred right. He said there was a disagreement in a Kales knows his fist. That's about it already. Said that's what he told us. He said they'd just the there's a disagreement down Three and four down there. Well as big a rivalry as darryl had with. Bobby Allison things kind of came to a head with the fans in nineteen eighty two when he was involved in a wreck at Charlotte in the world. Six hundred the Coca Cola. Six hundred and Steve is we talked about and Intro fans actually cheered. The fact that he was in this accident didn't know if he was okay. And all that you know there's a fine line between love and hate in Nascar and it is fun to bicker and defend your favorite driver against buddies favorite driver. And that's what makes this sport fun. Sure is the robberies. As long as it's good natured. Now when you cheer the fact that somebody's been wreck. That is way way overboard and I to be honest with you. I don't give a flying rats but how much you don't like driver. They are still human. They still have families and to cheer a driver who has been in an accident. I don't know that's that's a Black Hawk Fan and on the sport and unintended black mark on the sport but still is this is exactly one criticism has been given as over the years fans only go to racist to see rex. That's not true but when you cheer when a driver gets in Iraq especially if you don't know his condition that's exactly what fuels that particular fire while thinking a lot of cases fanc- the cars in the REX. And they do and they are about the flying sheet metal and the cars upside down and all that kind of thing but what they don't remember are they don't recognize or appreciate is the fact that there's a living breathing human being behind the wheel that Rice car and other? You lock them or not. They're still human being and to cheer something like that. I'M GONNA get off my soapbox before I get myself in trouble but after. Dwi is involved in this incident and he is booed by the fans. Larry Woody talks to. Dwi and Steve just to set up this story. Tell me who Larry. Woody is Larry. Woody is the longtime racing writer for the Nashville Tennessean. Which of course at that particular time is Darryl of basic hometown paper and you know the paper well yesterday. Well that's what he did and Larry was a very very competent. A professional writer my opinion I read a lot of his stuff and he could be very very funny when he wanted to be while he was also hard core. He was a combat veteran of Vietnam. So he could be a very no nonsense kind of guy one of my all time. Favorite press box.

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