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Nationalist he might describe them that way or certainly economically and politically isolationist whereas trumpism just inseparable from trump himself it if trump were to step down from office tomorrow or if he were to lose and 2020 is that the end of this moment and no one else without his celebrity could possibly put together his coalition again and i don't know the answer to that that's kind of the key question heather is this what we're looking at then as a potential disruption of the trump coalition i mean trump try so hard to keep his base behind him and yet his base was really formed largely out of places like breitbart when um steve bannon was running it before the election so is this the moment where we're looking at a disintegration of that coalition i i really think that it depends on a few factors one is trump's base going to divorce him if he doesn't do anything on immigration if he doesn't build a wall if he allows daca people to stay in the united states so what's the relationship between immigration and trump's popularity a another big question is are more traditional republicans and conservatives going to rally around trump if he keeps giving them most of what they want so far he's governed at least in domestic policy in a way that isn't so different from how say a rick perry might have govern a jet burst on his rhetoric but the actual signing a tax cut in that sort of thing and so uh you know w will the typical national review readers say a come around to trump if he keeps speaking like a lunatic but governing lake a member of the gop establishment that he purports to hate me carter i guess a question is is whether trump but despite his anger and his impulse whether he seen this as opportunity to jettison the steve bannon wing ostensibly of the party and to essentially consolidate gains as he said that might have been at the hand of a rick perry were more traditional conservative giving them what they wanted will steve bannon has played his hand rather weakly i think by getting behind a senate candidate that lost in alabama and also having breitbart associate with his challenger to.

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