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In church in the country's second biggest city this morning we're a mother and her two children like say to other churches were attacked by a father and his three sons at least thirteen people were killed dozens wounded french police say a twenty nine year old man from chechnya stabbed and killed a person in central paris last night correspondent melissa bell in the french capital says it appears this was a lone wolf attacks he's seen a lot of the course of the last few months of these load assailants carrying out attacks with whatever weapons they happen to have to hand in this appears to have been another one of those shot and killed the attacker last night officials say a friend of the man has been detained in strasbourg and is being questioned as are the man's parents an american delegation led by ivanka trump has arrived in israel in preparation for the opening tomorrow the american embassy in jerusalem that's where we find our correspondent oren lieberman who says police are preparing for numerous protests israeli military the idea as boosted its forces both around gaza two brigades there as well l as one full brigade in the west bank protests demonstrations are expected not just here but all throughout the middle east and perhaps some other countries as well now curious tweet this morning from president trump among the mother's day messages he writes president xi of china and i are working together to give massive chinese phone company z t e away to get back into business fast too many jobs in china lost commerce department has been instructed to get it done the chili's restaurant chain says credit card data was breached at a number of its locations but it didn't say which ones are how many people were affected the breach happened sometime between march and april hackers used melwert to get.

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