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In the foreign occupied regions in Ukraine. It comes as Ukraine's president says recent Russian air strikes destroyed about a third of his country's power facilities, cutting access to electricity and water for many as temperatures dropped. Florida democratic congresswoman Val demings faced off against Republican senator Marco Rubio in their first debate for Rubio's seat. The two sparred over foreign policy, Rubio warning that the U.S. is heading towards a military conflict with China. We have to begin to invest in our military, particularly indo Pacific region to defeat the weapon systems, they're innovating. We don't need The Pentagon spending all its time producing videos on the proper use of pronouns. We need them focused on how to blow up aircraft carriers made by China. Voting rights protections was also an issue demings criticized Rubio for not supporting the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. We need to hold states accountable to make sure every person, although that scares the senator to death, has the right. The precious right to cast their vote. Polls show Rubio has a slight lead over demings going into the November elections. Protests across Iran are in their 5th week. Women across Iran have been burning their head coverings in protest over the death of a 22 year old woman who died in police custody after she was arrested for wearing a loose scarf. Writer and a reigning in American activist machi, a lineage says the protests are a revolution against religious dictatorship in called on democratic nations to support protesters trying to topple the regime. Believe me. It's the Western countries do not get united to end Islamic terror, then they will face all these Islamic terrorists on U.S. soil. The reigning in American activists must see Elena ja told ABC Iranian competitive climber ilna rikabi was brave for refusing to wear hijab in support of many young women in Iran who are getting killed just because of showing their hair. In baseball, the Yankees moved to face the Astros in the ALCS. The Philly shut out the Padres in game one of the NLCS. Live from the Bloomberg interactive broker studios, this is global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries. I'm Michael Barr. This is Bloomberg. Burden LLP accountants and advisers presents industry chat, who with Jeff Kovacs, partner and head of the technology and life sciences practice. Early to mid stage technology companies often ask, what is my company worth? While valuing companies at these stages is often an art with little science, valuations are

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