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I went away Burger King a Burger King employees are required to be bilingual was just think about that for a second service Burger King in New York yeah they're not even legal here New York you have to kind of draw your food here hamburger I like it burger I came to go okay with little feet on my hamburger bilingual expect more laughs on the job description right your business debit there's a Goldberg Goldberg is our weather man our meteorologist at the weather answered as good morning Joe how you doing this morning doing pretty good this Friday how are you on this front gray gray were locked were loaded with good you know it's I mean it's my first foray into Manhattan and you know it's not so bad at that you know what we got this were there and whether why is it raining this weekend yeah we do we know today it's going to rain over the next twenty four hours or so I mean not so much this morning we could be sprinkles morning shower or thunder shower in spots this afternoon early tonight I think the best chance for a shower or thunderstorm then maybe shower left over late tonight or tomorrow morning and that's about it and then the rest of the weekend is dry and it gets cooler less humid by Sunday with temperatures Sunday in the low seventies that's not so bad but I can make it by good weather for you Joey that you got you got all it's going to be fantastic earning a big ride planned for tomorrow by the way the bounce of nature allergy forecast for today is moderate to high tree.

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