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News with gene Miller talks. All things crew are brewers three sixty we day mornings at eight fifteen sponsored by winegar compressor day, Droegkamp heating and air conditioning, and Wasco windows. The brewers play here. W G M J save time money and frustration every Saturday morning. Tune in it seven as Mr. Fixit, Tom Faiza. Welcome Scott Klein from J and B construction and at eight gearing the queue from trees on the move for more fix. It tips nine plan your dream vacation with the FOX will travel show and at ten here. Money talk for an unbiased review of your investments. Call annex both management at two six two seven eight six sixty three sixty three or visit them on the web at annex wealthed dot com. Get the help you. Needs Saturday on how to radio WTMJ. You never have anything to wear. That's why I stopped Saint Vincent appall thrift stores whether it's a designer top jeans adorable skirt or q except the race. I always seem to find something. I like. I love dental us women's clothing and accessories were far less than you thought possible. Visit all thrift stores on Hymie one hundred lightning greenfield and twenty thirty Lincoln in Milwaukee. This. One hundred fifty three is an odd number in more ways than one the bible says Jesus once helped his disciples catch one hundred fifty three fish pastor Ryan to Nettie considers this curious detail, and what it might say about Jesus working your life. Your pastor. -tunities message this week on the Lutheran hour. Into our Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty WTMJ. Cutting through the clutter to bring you the people and stories that matter to you. You're listening to America's First News this morning with Gordon Deal. Thanks for spending time.

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