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Saddam school is brought to you by Uber. Uber has new features designed to take the stress out of your pickup with pickup notes. You can share a note with your driver like what color shirt you're wearing. So you're easier to spot. You can also choose a color to light up your phone screen, then hold it up to help your driver. Locate you at night or in a crowd, discover all the new features in the Uber app and read about all the ways. Buber is moving forward. Go to dot com slash moving forward. That's Uber dot com. Slash moving forward. What's up, what's up. It's Chris Gil about here. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's buzzword these story all about these six figure, beekeeping business that was beekeeping business set in Minnesota, which is not known for being the most hospitable environment for bees. But as you may have heard yesterday, that couple found a way to make it work and it's working really well for them. The journey continues today, and let's talk about this principle of how what you're doing now is very likely not going to be the same thing. You're doing five years from now, and that can be turned a lot of careers, even in terms of day jobs and things you go to college for, you're not necessarily going to be doing the same thing five years from now, but it's especially true in the world of side hustles. Now, a lot of business advisors will tell you that you need to select projects that are sustainable for a long period of time. I think that is really bad advice for regular people. This show side-hustle school and everything I do in my work, it's focused on individuals. It's not focused on companies. So if you're out there trying to build Microsoft than maybe that advice is good, but if you're out there just trying to do something for yourself. Not everything has to be sustainable, not everything has to last forever in my journey. I've made many changes on lots of different kinds of projects, and that has been a strength, not a weakness. So keep that in mind. And today, story in particular is about a mom per Noor who starts new project that brings in twelve thousand dollars in just eight weeks of this is a service business. And recently we've been talking a lot about products. So at the end of the road, I'll give you a little refresher on the pros and cons of each of those products versus services. Because when you're trying to start something new, the decision of whether it's a product or service is an important one. It will determine a lot of the things you do next. All right. So let me say thank you to our sponsor, really grateful to them. They allow the show to be completely free to you. And then I'll tell you all about this crafty mom, poor side hustle school is brought to you today and all week by our partner. WordPress long ago when I started building websites, I was using the WordPress platform, many years before they were our sponsor, been very happy with its flexibility and ease of use, especially as a non technical person. WordPress dot com can be hassle-free. They'll take care of the hosting security and software updates so that you can focus on your site on your content on your product, your service, your message, all the things that matter so much more than the physical website. They got a special offer for you right now. You can get fifteen percent off any new plan purchase. Just go to WordPress dot com. Slash hustle to get started. That is WordPress dot com. Slash hustle. I can sixteen may about was a working mom. Looking to start a side hustle wasn't new to the entrepreneurial lifestyle. And the early days of ecommerce may ran a business re-selling phone excess series on EBay Amazon, but after eight years and a lot of other sellers entering the market, her business was no longer profitable. She and her husband were also clipping security cameras that this market quickly dried up to. Because of her experience with the ups and downs of business may wanted to diversify. She was reluctant to be totally dependent on one source of income by this time or son was in the third grade, and she wanted to start a new business that had a low start up costs and wouldn't take up much time while considering options may remember that her son enjoy taking after school enrichment classes. These classes are offered for one hour immediately after school dismissal. They range from sports like basketball and tennis to less physical activities like chess or mad science. The courses are offered by private vendors who come to the school and kids would stay after school to participate because they were fun. This was also ideal for parents couldn't pick their children up right away. They would pay a fee directly to the vendor and can rest assured knowing their kids were safely entertained while having an extra hour in their day. When may son was in preschool and kindergarten, he really enjoyed making crafts. However, the country school stopped making crafts with kids after first grade. This was as inspiration. She says, starting crafts after school enrichment class at her son's school seemed like the perfect new project. May's first step was to receive permission to become vendor to do this. She had to present her class idea to the school board when she received approval. Her next up was to complete a criminal background check required by law for those working with children. She also had to purchase liability insurance. That may sound complicated. It's actually pretty simple for the background checks and insurance. She paid about three hundred dollars and craft supplies for a full year emir four hundred dollars. So start up costs are pretty low. And after those needs were met, she was ready to get crafty make expectations low for enrollment. In the first class, she thought she'd be happy of six students enrolled but much to her surprise and pleasure. She had eighteen kids sign up.

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