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For black artists and films in Hollywood. Actress Regina king tweeting rest in power, my friend, one of the greatest to ever do it. John singleton was fifty one years old. Yeah. Regina king in poetic Justice again, little sidebar. You forget how long Regina king her career to my goodness. All the way back to seven. I had forgotten getting done for Jackie slacks forgotten. She was in poetic Justice Angela Bassett in boys in the hood, Cuba, Gooding junior. I mean, yeah, it's important and telling ordinary stories like you said a relatable everyone. Viola Davis is tweet kind of got me a little wispy. What did she says the best life is when you leave a trail, you'll be something on this earth bigger than us? John singleton. You inspired a generation of artists. We will shoulder on may flights of angels sing too. I rest are Rome. That's beautiful. That's beautiful. Well, I mean, he did he led the way I mean, you'd twenty four out of fiscal twenty four he did boys in the hood. A mean, I'm old enough. Don were when that movie came out that was a revelation. I mean that was a huge movie we've really not seen anything like that. And and and the success that it had it was just nuts. I I don't know. It's very very in so young and the stroke thing going to tell you as a guy is a guy in his mid forties approaching fifty. How it just touches me other than just the loss of the talent. Is my goodness. From Luke Perry to John the whole stroke thing scares me to death flex dawn. It just oh my goodness. Yeah. I it's just frightening to me. It's just in a snap. You know? John singleton fifty one years old everyone just so sad guys before we take a break. Lots of stuff going on this is to lift the mood a little bit. If you're looking for something fun to do coming up in a few weeks. I love this event so much. I'm glad they're doing it. Mytalk one zero seven one is a proud partner of shop til you drag. That's a good name produced by our good friends at flip phone events, by the way. Chad from flip phone it was his birthday yesterday..

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