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Two stage rocket was used for the flight. Well turns out those suspicions which justified the new image is clearly show the launch vehicle. Wasn't a hat that's claimed by Tehran. But it was actually a Shahab three long range ballistic missile the same sort of launch vehicle. We had seen these types of tests before as we pointed out in last week. Show that has these actually a short range surface. Missile usually launch from fighter jets towards ground targets and so the use of such missile on and orbital on system always seemed strange. Have three is raining. Copy of North Korea's not Dong Ballistic Missile Series. Which itself is based on old nineteen eighty s Era. Soviet Union Scud missile technology but equipped with a new upgraded forty percent larger Scott rocket motor which is being developed by Russian scientists when the Soviet Union collapsed Pyongyang provided the scientists and their rocket engine designs with a new communist dictatorship to call home. Then you images show an exhaust plume. Whose color suggests the launch vehicle. Shehab three I age is fueled by on symmetrical DI methyl hydrazine. Propellant at an oxidizer composed of nitric acid with twenty seven percent die nitrogen oxide the launch vehicle. Second Stage is based around the new domestically-developed Salman Solid Rocket Murder. And it's being seen with some trepidation by the fence. Experts has it's likely to be the first step in developing a far larger solid rocket. Booster little is known about the third stage of the rocket stag other than it's liquid fueled and equipped with six by propellant reaction control thrusters that combine rocket stack blessed off from a mobile launcher from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Cheroots missile range three hundred and thirty kilometres northeast of Tehran. The launch place. Iran's new no-one spy satellite into a fortune twenty five kilometer high low-earth orbit initial reports suggested the satellite was a three unit cube. Set images show? It's actually a six unit keep set fitted with a High Webcam and that in itself is interesting because as a spy satellite it wouldn't provide images of the ground that are as good as what's already available from several commercial. Earth observation satellite operators and it suggests that the root purpose of the flight was to test the new missile stack especially the new second stage. Solid rocket motor. The flight was in clear violation of Iran's two thousand fifteen anti-nuclear agreement with the United Nations. Us Secretary of State. Mike pompeo criticized launch describing. Iran's space program as nothing but a cover to develop ballistic missiles. The same tactic used by. Iran's ally North Korea as it developed nuclear weapons and missile systems needed to deliver them and as we mentioned last week also comes as the International Atomic Energy Agency reports that the Islamic republic is almost triple that stockpile of enriched uranium since November jumping from three hundred and seventy two kilograms up to a one thousand and twenty one kilograms. Another violation of its atty Nikolay Records United Nations nuclear watchdog says Iran. Now only needs another thirty kilograms of uranium. Have enough fissile material to build an atomic bomb at the same time as all this is happening. The Atomic Energy Agency's inspectors being refused access to three suspected. Nuclear sites enriched uranium residues being detected including one side at which they ran describes as a copy cleaning factory surely the only Catholic Lady Factory in the world classified as top sacred. This space time still come the science report and we look at all the available data on how covered nineteen infects the human body. Oh that and more still to come on space time and turn out for a brief look at some of the other stories making news inside this week with a science report the world has now suffered almost a quarter of a million deaths from the covert nineteen corona virus and over three million people of nabbing infected with the deadly disease which spread from the Wuhan wet markets in eastern central China. Now a new report in the journal Science has combined all the available data on how curve in nineteen infects the human body. The data tells us the virus a piece to target as two receptors which have found in the upper respiratory tract at the back of the throat and nose while most people will recover and someone even notice it others will go on to develop far more dangerous symptoms with the virus meeting through the Airways of the lungs into the tiny sx Alveoli by another area rich and h two receptors where oxygen transfers into the bloodstream. There the virus triggers inflammation dramatically affecting respiration and causing pneumonia. And from there often a rapid downhill slide into acute respiratory distress syndrome. The body's immune system response trying to fight the virus goes into a damaging hyper-immune overdrive unleashing chemical cytokine storm into the blood with immune cells even attacking healthy tissues causing widespread blood. Clotting leaking blood vessels and sending blood pressure crashing twenty percent of patients going to suffer hot damage possibly because the hotline is also rich and Esther sceptres. The blood clots can also trigger strokes and combined with a low blood pressure can cause kidney failure further poisoning the blood which then affects the brain causing a whole raft of other problems including issues with the central nervous system delirium and loss of consciousness. In about twenty percent of cases the virus infects the small intestines which are also loaded with Easter receptors and with a virus causes stomach problems nausea diarrhea in the five months since the curve in nineteen virus emerged and spread around the world of eleven hundred. Clinical trials have been registered globally including over five hundred randomized controlled trials. There is currently no effective treatment for covered. Nineteen the most common therapeutic agent currently being trialed hydroxy chloroquine which is currently involved in two thousand four trials with potential sample size of twenty five thousand participants. That was followed by seven trials using Pine Avia Return Avia and five trials testing desire. And you study one. That warmer weather in the northern hemisphere is some stotts may not the transmission of Curve. Nineteen a report in the European Respiratory Journal. Looking at the spread of the virus found no difference between more sunny woman areas and coolest anyone's researches say social distancing suffice remain as important as ever even as the weather changes now. Do you remember that Jim? Research vessel the Polish Donald Pollstar. Which has been deliberately locked in? Arctic ice in October as part of a study to climate change in the Arctic. Well it's being forced to leave it station because of the ongoing nineteen pandemic a report in the Journal. Nature says travel restrictions. Flight cancellations have disrupted necessary. Crew changes on the vessel. Ship is now traveling to Vauban where it will change. Crew and scientists expedition organizers have rephrased the ship at the same spot in about three weeks time and you reporters found that fifty six percent of kids aged eight to twelve and sixty nine. Percents of teens aged thirteen to eighteen watching videos online every day. Now America's National Center for Science Education has launched a new program designed to combat online misinformation about climate change and evolution to Mendham from Australian skeptics. The programs designed to promote effective science communication skills and teaching kids. How to distinguish fact from fiction is essential media. Us Oganization? I did a survey looking at perplexingly. How much Videos KEEPS WATCH ONLINE. And it might surprise you that Teenagers Thirteen to eighteen sixty nine percent of them watch videos online every night. That doesn't surprise me at all. Much of Eight to twelve year olds fifty six percent roles. I watching videos online healthier than the Macho. I was twenty four seven with a sit in front of the box of Simmons. I got home from school and I wouldn't leave till mom forced me to get a bit on. I hit in front of the fire and I put up a book of Biblical history and things and sit there and how. Mtv was basically there's a lot of misinformation and not peer reviewed videos so teaches Trying to understand how to count a lot of the False information that's out there invidious and for all the effort that looks like youtube and Google Fitter at trying to sort of keep the garbage of What's posted on their sites and teachers struggling against these sort of struggling with trying to Establish with the students looks good scientific information. What's bad for my group of the? Us called the National Center for Science Education which was launched these setup to Kanta creationism anti evolution. Theories supposed scientific evidence thing taught in American schools. Which is a lot stronger in American schools entities in Australia and in fact that Llanview doesn't exist in this group setting up to Canada that the number of major campaigns against various textbooks which assault which basically discount evolution in favor of Fundamental Christian creationism CETERA. They then moved on to other areas like climate change again. This is a big area for misinformation so vast applying that training and supplying teachers with information as to how to counter a propensity to not believe in science to not have faith in science actually believe in fight science. It's not necessarily to give them the answers. It's the process which is important. Teaching people pretty thinking skills so that they understand differentiate but that makes teaching the teachers had to communicate properly and a lot of teachers come straight from wherever they come from. Adam I come from a science background but not necessarily the science communicators. So that's what they're trying to do. Just listen to Asha that could do that. Actually Tim Mendham from strain skeptics. And that's the shows now space-time broadcast on sites on radio by the National Science Foundation in Washington. Dc and through both IHEART radio and on.

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