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Radio podcast today andre johnson speaking out about bob mcnair also why can you plead or not plead insanity plus bob ryan on why the warriors will win the title john maclean i'm gonna make him more uncomfortable than a sal given birth on a hot day and will we know who the rockets are playing in the first round of the postseason to houston sports leader sports radio six ted i don't have nearly enough time to list all the tasty ways you can enjoy chicken at mcdonald's but i'll give it a go the always flavorful full chicken mcnuggets made with all white meat chicken or to see buttermilk crispy tenders battered to perfection or all the familiar and exotic flavors of the signature crafted recipes including the new garlic white cheddar cheese sandwich with grilled or crispy chicken drizzled with creamy garlic a oli i have to cut it short here but you have time on your side so go and savor every bite of your chicken donalds chicken how you like it participate in donald's hey dog owners barked box wants to know what have you done for your best friend lately who is always ready to watch the game with you who's the only friend that'll never try and talk you out of iran max go for a run get your four legged best friend gift they can't wait to open again and again bark fox is a monthly delivery of original toys and all natural trees with a surprise team go to bark box dot com and use code radio to get a free month on a six or twelve months subscription because all dogs are good dogs and good dogs deserve bark box an ad from save money on car insurance by bundling home and auto with progressive and cut that was good so are there any other things you need me to talk about or i could do an ad for something i really like like lotion if you're not in the loop with cody and john miss a lot i had no idea this tv station was going away i also had no idea that this guy had anything other than brainstorm go on what did he have other than what i was gonna say motocross but he's not motocross sky what does he do what michelle got no i d what machine does he actually dry.

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