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Watch. You know the winter soldier again, You know, maybe maybe that's what I'll do this. I'll give myself a weekend. Vega. Rockford files. Sure, I'm not kidding on and you know, I say this as a joke, and it's true. I hear that Columbo is having a resurgence. Why would that happen? It's a thing because of what Carrie's talking about. It's a thing. Columbo was having a resurgence with people who never watched Columbo because they weren't alive. Yeah. No. You watch the Rockford files. I'm telling you, First of all, you'll see James Garner is really good writing even in these early episodes in which I have not seen these early ones. And it gets better as I think, but the writing is really good. Well, Vince Gilligan, one of the creators of breaking bad on Better call, Saul used to write on Rockford files on a bunch of other shows, too. And you if you'll recall. The Rockford Files also gave rise to another show, which I dismissed when it was on and then I started watching and reruns. Some years after it had gone off the air Magnum P. I will spin off from the Rockford Files and young young James Garner. It's a man. Good. Looking smart a lot. I mean, strong windows, shirt collars and tip him right over there. Oh, he still he still looked way too old for Lindsay Wagner. Well, yeah, you know, but I think On the show in the show. I thought she was like a client or something that's crazy. She was. She was a quiet then he thought it's right. But Rockford would you know he's irresistible, of course. I don't want to do this, but you know I don't want to do. I don't want to get involved with you. And then they cut to the next scene and they're you know they're around the couch. Snuggling up. Want this to happen? Or, you know he's pulling his boots on. That's how you knew. That's how you knew actually showing me. No. He's just sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling his boots on and, you know. Well, there were they were in this case They were on the country She was wearing kind of a caf can And his shirt was sort of unbuttoned. And he was coarse. Smoking s O. And that was back when they that was back when TV themes meant something. Yeah, you know, the Mike puts that was the word Mike Post became famous for the first time You had a hit with all right around. That's what that was hit the jingle. That's what this is all about it so I had to get on now..

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