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Glenn beck stupor glenn glenn beck program within a divided country no very resided in fact globe did you know that vited globe they did a bbc today poll of a bunch of countries and asked do you think your country is divided okay okay what do you think the us percentage was people who think the that were divided it'd be very high right yeah and it is eighty four percent eighty four percents say the us that's extremities divided yeah okay is that number one of the list what one thing i would say is a pretty amazing is two points ahead of south africa the example of a divided country you'd think of south africa only eighty two percent of people in south africa say their their country is divided however not the highest where do we place can you say nineteen total we were one two three four five six catholic countries to actually ty with a few others poland eighty four percent spain eighty four percent brazil eighty four percent i mean every country i think is interesting about this is pretty much every country thinks they're are divided yeah there's only a couple of exceptions to this and they're not places you'd necessarily want to live saudi arabia only thirty four percent say the divided well china only forty eight percent say that provided those the only two countries under fifty japan fifty to turkey sixty five india sixty six france seventy five percent say they're divided mexico seventy eight germany eightyone russia eightyone south africa eighty to brazil eighty four spain eighty four us eighty four poland eighty four the u k e five so they think they're more divided italy ninety two percent say they're divided wow yeah what are they divided over i mean marinara verse alfredo maybe could be argentina ninety two percent divided never one wasn't studying to me ninety three percent of people in serbia okay i kind of think okay yeah they're pretty i did yeah that make some divided and do they even know what they're fighting about american sorta don't that was a that serbian thing was strange because i don't think a lot of americans knew what the issues were or whose side we should be on who is the good guy who was not 'cause you if you remember it was christians against muslims are that's not how it was presented but that's essentially what was at the root of the problem and we were on the side of the muslims right against the chris the serbian christians it's a bizarre one it's it's interesting and we were never given credit for having helped muslims in serbia anybody ever said hey member when the us helped muslims member it took the took the battle of the christians in that in that particular war it's amazing so how much civil war genocide talk coming up on pat gray unleashed today one hundred percent or the whole show to a serbian genocide on july third.

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