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Silver Spring, where investigators are still working to determine what caused that Saturday fire in a high rise apartment building. One woman was killed, 20 people were injured and hundreds are displaced, investigators say the arrive Silver Spring complex had no sprinklers, and instead had a manual pull fire alarm system. This morning we have safety tips if you live or work in a high rise. When you hear the fire alarm or smell smoke, get out of the building. Always use the stairs to get out. Never the elevator. Pete peringer with Montgomery county fire and rescue says you should know at least two escape routes. If both stairwells are filled with smoke, close the door, stay in your apartment, call the fire department to report your exact location and gather in a room with a window, use duct tape or towels to create a seal around the door if there's a lot of smoke. Then wait for fire crews to come get you. Signal firefighters, wave a flashlight, light colored cloth, or window, and let the fire department know where you're located. Neil law can stain double you TLP news. Former Maryland governor Larry Hogan is still exploring a possible run for The White House in a conversation with chuck Todd on NBC's meet the press. Hogan emphasized at a run for president is not off the table, especially with his record in Maryland. You know, I've got strong support among Republicans, Democrats and independents. And I left as one of the most successful governors in America, and I'm the only Maryland independence and Democrats don't vote in a Republican primary for president in Iowa. Well, I mean, I got the same vote Trump did in the Republican primary and ran 45 points ahead of him in general. Hogan says if his candidacy contributes to inadvertently helping Donald Trump snag the GOP nomination, it would be more than enough reason to drop out of the race. He plans to announce if he's running by early spring. If you're in Alexandria this afternoon, you might catch the city's celebration of George Washington's 291st birthday. This year's parade will feature a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the city's iconic George Washington masonic national memorial, the parade starts at 1 p.m. and will go through fayette and king streets, a heads up for drivers, road closures, and parking restrictions in the area of old town Alexandria will begin at ten this morning. Presidents day is a federal holiday and that means while it's business as usual at most private enterprises, plenty of government offices are closed. Public schools throughout the D.C. area are closed today. Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.'s motor vehicles departments are closed. All county offices are closed in Anna rundale Charles Howard Montgomery and prince George's counties. Government offices are closed in fairfax, loud and Arlington, but are open and Prince William

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