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He was on his way to fetch his car when you saw him he always power in the same place outside that block of flats what you call that block flaps the next street rysley court yes i slipped court it's an unusual car you may have seen it a white studebaker farina license number sixty one does that ring any bells now sorry no i can't imagine why he chose a flashy draw black that singly inappropriate in his line of business what is that what what is his line of business can't you tell us what he's done we think he may be working covertly for foreign government covertly we'll secretly you mean he's a spy but i'd rather not jump to conclusions until we know little more but what would a spy be doing in patience house so there must be some mistake shouldn't we tell them should we warned them all in good time missus jackson oh come on you're not suggesting that they're involved with this man oh you oh helen and peter they wouldn't do a thing like that maybe not but we known them for years mr think i'll have a drink barbara novick so your friends have never spoken about this mr lonsdale.

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